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Everyone My Ages is Older Than Me

2009-09-03 20:23:14

Everyone My Ages is Older Than Me
Mark a friend I met because of this travelogue gave me some insight on why I need to live a “life less normal,” and why maybe in my twisted understanding of myself,
“Life is Good.”

I have found and discovered,
“Everyone my age is older than me.”

When I was young I sat down and wrote the story of my life, I would “while away the hours,” dreaming about the future.

I found I wrote one story and lived another…this just ain’t right!

Bauang - Paringao - San Fernando, Philippines
La Union Province
Southeast Asia
Thursday, September 3, 2009
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What hurt my soul, I took a gut shot when I was young watching some stupid Hallmark movie. My older brother Jerry was one of them students who knew too much, wanted too much and did all the right things, truly an annoying older brother. What he did was this; he talked my Mother into watching this Hallmark Movie called
“David Copperfield”

Great, what a jerk, I did not want to watch this, I wanted to watch something fun, this was then, this was not today, where all the children have a TV, and it was then where we shared the same box. Well, my brother Jerry sold Mom, and Mom sold us all out, yes, Jerry we can watch this classic, this intelligent, wanna be smart, wanna be educated movie.
“David Copperfield.”

I was truly frustrated; I just flopped my body down in front of the tube and started watching. Aagh, anything my brother likes, I know I could not would like, it would not be possible. (I was correct, he did not like and I did.) Well, my Mother gave up first, then my Sisters, my Brother held on longer, but all gave up, they all walked into the other room and stopped watching. But my brain was captivated so I hung on watching this wanna be intelligent movie, called,
“David Copperfield.”

(Hallmark Cards, a truly annoying lovely and heart felt way of living life, a truly Readers Digest version of life, and my dream.)

Truly annoying gut shot hit me in the first line of the movie, it was a fatal shot, chronic and debilitating, truly, I blame my Brother Jerry and my Mother for this…

““Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life, or whether that station will be held by anybody else, these pages must show.”
-David Copperfield, by Charles Dickens
List of Books that Changed my Life… (Andy‘s Life not Yours)

To not read that quote, ignore at all cost, you may find yourself in Africa looking around and wondering how you wandered so far.

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Hmm, I am thinking about making a video of myself and proving it... too much fun, go figure.

Everyone My Ages is Older Than Me