Europe is Violent Africa is Not

2009-09-29 17:51:12

Europe is Violent Africa is Not
61,000,000 people died in WW II

I have well intended friends send me information about Africa. Comparing countries is difficult, however if I asked myself, which country is better off, Rwanda or the Philippines. I guess I would have to say Rwanda.

Malate Ermita Mabini Philippines
Southeast Asia
Tuesday, September 29, 2009

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I also know, no amount of writing can overcome the opinion you already have, so no point in explaining. The truth is this; it is acceptable to say bad things about Black People, while nobody wants to accept Germany is the champion at genocide. Hmm, maybe we can call this whitewashing of cultural shames.

I continually try to understand why it is so easy to get readers angry when I write about the Philippines. I had one person in Baguio get incredibly angry because I said the Philippine is primitive. They carry water, they cook with wood, they piss in the streets, and they live in horrible shanty conditions. What is wonderful here, I can go into my retreat, my Ugly American hotel that is ultra modern and walk two blocks in any direction and find shanty houses.

I know I am 10 time more violent than a Filipino person, I am from a European Bloodline, what I am capable of make this place wimps. Whitewashing of the truth is denial.

African countries are funny, there is almost no government, there is almost no need for police, rules, or policy. The place is so safe they have never evolved to a level of extreme amount of rules. There is no rule of law, because there is no need, generally it is self governing.

Do rich people take advantage of poor people? Of course, however because it is Black doing it, we can paint the picture horribly black, while when it is white people, we whitewash our cultural shame.

Whites are civilized, Blacks are heathens, but gee whiz, we only killed 61 Million people.

I opened the door at the Mini Stop near Robinsons Mall, I know my mother is always watching and wants me to be good boy and have manners. Two girls walked through, then this boy walked through. I said,
“You're welcome.”
As is my custom, one of these days they will say thank you.

I was standing in line waiting to pay, this boy cut line in front of me, I grab his shoulder and pulled him back behind me, he gave me an indignant looks, no smile, this is unusual. I turned around, looked right at him and said,
“Assss hole.”

I then in premeditated calm walked back and took this photo of him, how is more violent, me or him? I sure hope my mother does not fully understand the term Amor Propio, I told my friend Bjorn, I cannot live in the Philippines, somebody would kill me.

Europe is Violent Africa is Not

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