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Eurolines Estonia Bus to Tallinn

2005-06-28 05:42:00

Eurolines Estonia

A post I wrote, however was not able to post until later about the bus in Tallinn, Estonia.

I am at the Tallinn, Estonia Bus Station for Eurolines and a few other companies I believe. Left the Hostel hoping to get a taxi from the 14 Uus Street to station, however Val’s Cell telephone stopped working because he did not pay, therefore I walk to the main high way about 200 meters away an flag down a taxi that cost 50 Kroon or about Five dollars U.S.

I decided to go to Rapla, the bus ticket cost 35 Kroons or 3.50 Dollars U.S. therefore after all of this with out any real hassle I will pay 8.50 U.S. to change cities. I chose Rapla as maybe being one of the major cities between Tallinn and Parnu, however not in the guidebook. I was fortunate to snag or read a Lonely Planet Baltic States just before I went to bed and learned with cities were in the guide. I am wanting to go to nowhere or no tourist city.

No Tourist City
The best idea I have on finding no tourist is to not be in the guidebook, any city in the guidebook will have tourist, and the downside is there may not be any rooms. I am getting on the 7:15 bus which I would guesstimate to take 1 hour to arrive in Rapla, therefore I will arrive maybe at 8:30 and still have five and one half hours of travel times to make it to another city or go on to Parnu on the coast, maybe on to Riga, Lativia. Nothing is far in Europe and a cakewalk for times, not long trips, by South American standards.

I feel I am in a tourist bubble and want to see what Estonia looks like; Capital cities and Tourist traps are for sure not real culture, actually hard to find Estonia food in Tallinn.

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