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Ethiopia Children Set World Records

Ethiopia Children Set World Records
India children up to yesterday held the world record for following me and asking me for money. The record of roughly four city blocks was smashed yesterday; the children of Dilla, Ethiopia double the record by following me for eight city blocks with no relief.

Dila or Dilla, Ethiopia
East Africa
Wednesday, March 25, 2009
Travel Journal, -

Generally, beggars are lazy, they are not going to follow and ask for money. Children are often sent my their mothers to beg, they will follow you until where they cannot be see their mother, normally this type of beggar is less than three or four years old.

Children between the ages of four and maybe eight can follow me begging for a long time. They will enter into conversations and try to keep prodding for the money. They try to endear themselves and make you feel compassion and love.

It works….

However, I am 100 percent sure; there is nothing crueler on the planet than to give money to a child. It will enslave them to begging and guarantee they live an unproductive and prosperous life.

I normally use my beggar rules, they need to be missing a body part to get money or help, an arm, leg, eye, and some body part needs to be missing.

It is the Ethiopia people habit to look at a White person and say,
“You, money.”

Ethiopia Children Set World Records


The recent hype-film Slumdog Millionaire made me re-think this rule. The film (set in Indian slums) shows a man burning the eyes out of children so that they will be blind and will earn more through begging.

Now I wonder... chicken or egg? Do we help the mutilated man because he needs help, or do we refuse to so that other people will not be harmed?