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Ecuador Weather in Bucay

Ecuador Weather
5:49 AM Thursday May 12, 2005
Andy of in Bucay, Ecuador

Steady Rain and a dreary feeling, not the best day catch an early bus in a city where nobody speaks clear Spanish so they do not understand me when I ask when the bus leaves?

I know the bus leave at 5:30 from Riobamba so it probably passes here around 7:30 to 8:30, if I leave the Hotel around 7:00 more or less I will find a bus eventually. Better to be late for this one and not early, the worker here in the Hotel California in Bucay, Ecuador said the first is at 6:15, I do not believe him, and however he could be talking about the local buses and not the long haul buses.

I just looked at my may, and Victoria was a target city that was possible to stop at, and I am in Bucay, they are adjoining cities more or less, so I landed in close to a target. The land should be flatter from now on towards Guayaquil, I am hoping to see banana plantations, if a good spot if found I will get off the bus and stay a night again, now I am Hop Hop Traveling.

I normally do not unpack on a Hop.
Andy of in Bucay, Ecuador