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Eco-Gossip on Lago Atitlan Guatemala

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."
- George Orwell

The world is going to end tomorrow, maybe today, and for sure within the next billion years, then gain, maybe it is 10 billion years. When I hear eco-gossip, I assume the person also knows a few conspiracy theories.

The current gossip, the current noise is that the lake is polluted, I read about 10 pages on the internet and as best I wish to understand, they lake has a type of algae called: Cyanobacteria

Behind all the words, what I think the lake has is pond scum, maybe called algae, about the same as any normal lake.

Panajachel, Guatemala --- Saturday, March 13, 2010
By Andy Graham of


Hippie Dippie Concentration
The hippie dippie concentration here on Lago Atitlan is at saturation point, therefore as best I can tell; the hippies are ruling the roost. (Old men and women walking around who look like they have AIDS are everywhere in Pana.)

Eco-Gossip is Good
This is sort of political correctness applied to ecology issues, and what is good; they make people afraid to visit one of the more beautiful lakes on the planet. I am hoping they scare off all the tourist, keeping them from looking at Lago Atitlan.

Can eco-gossip do harm, I am not sure it is possible, because the more they talk, the more we clean up the environment, I suppose I should keep my mouth shut. There is no reason to be reasonable when people are making noise like false prophets; they are still speaking in the name of good ecological practices.

Water Research
I called up a water-testing laboratory in Illinois, a man named Pete told said,
"Andy, you cannot send water to the USA to be tested."
"Within 24 half the problems will be dead."
"Within 48 hours 80 percent of problems will be solved."

I want to see a person walking around with a water testing kit; I mean the good one, not some toy.

"Guatemala currently is suffering from a severe famine from a long drought (climate change), peoples priority is to eat, to feed their children and their families."

I read a plausible article on this algae problem, and then the writer wrote that quote: oops, a telltale sign of her perspective.
By Barbara Schieber
Help Save Lago Atitlan

Fun stuff this Eco-Gossip, I just watched that movie 2012, a great movie, and a good story, the moral of the story, gossip sells, keep it up, one of these days it will implode.

Eco-Gossip on Lago Atitlan Guatemala


Mark, get your butt down here, bring that water testing kit with you, you need a vacation. The Mayan girls are looking better, Western clothes makes them cuter.