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Eat in Restaurants With Friends Only Travel Tip

2010-04-23 07:25:46

I have noticed, there is a need for restaurant management training. I was born lucky, I am not a city kid, I am a farm boy at heart, I was never taught these bad restaurant habits. And because I do not view eating in restaurants as normal, or needed, my travel food budget is less.

I consider all restaurants tantamount to a fast food restaurant, I group them all the same, that eating in Restaurants is unhealthy and unwise.

Testing a Traveler
If they do not have a cooking kit, they spend a lot of money on food.

This is Linda, a Canadian who has little tea parties with Mayan girls in Panajachel, Guatemala on Lake Atitlan.

San Pedro, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Friday, April 23, 2010
By Andy Graham of


Bad Restaurant Management Training
1. When you are hungry, the first thought is which restaurant to choose.
2. All entertainment revolves around eating in restaurants.
3. The belief we need to eat, therefore we must go to a restaurant.
4. Eating meals three times per day is needed, and we go to restaurants three times per day.
5. Eating in restaurants is what the rich and famous do, therefore all us poor folks must strive to be like them, even when we cannot afford it.
6. Read or watch restaurant advertising and obey.

Good Restaurant Management Training
1. Restaurants are for special occasions, sharing time with friends.
2. Restaurants cost 2-5 times more than cooking at home.
3. Only eat at special restaurants, which provide a unique eating experience.
4. As a traveler, I will eat in a restaurant if it provides s meal for less than two U.S. Dollars.
5. Drinking sodas, beer, and other drinks is "Fast Food" mentality, many worthless calories.
6. I often enter restaurants with the people who believe they must eat, and only have a coffee or water with them.

I only go into restaurants with friends to share friendship, and if possible, I choose restaurants and foods I that are unique and impossible to get in my home country. I almost never buy a drink with the meal.

That is my restaurant management training class for today, and for you folks that believe you must take the girls out for dinner. Think about this, what is more intimate, and authentic, to have someone cook for you in a restaurant, or to prepare a meal together.

At the end, we are all searching for authentic friends and experiences, and restaurants are not a family experience. I think my Mother and Father for teaching me about family.

Now, the big question is Linda teaching these children bad habits… hehehe? And, I have a lot of friends, this can be expensive.

Eat in Restaurants With Friends Only Travel Tip