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Easter Sunday in Kenya

2009-04-13 21:41:40

Easter Sunday in Kenya
My mother asked me,
“Do they rejoice over Easter in Kenya?”

I am from a small farm community in Indiana, where the people work in factories and live on small farms. They have traded their tractor for extra large riding lawnmowers. On Easter Sunday they stuff themselves into Sunday go to Meeting clothes a few sizes to small because they keep growing bigger and go sit in Church.

So what about Kericho, Kenya?

Kericho, Kenya
East Africa
Monday, April 13, 2009

On Sunday morning here in Kericho, Kenya I walked about a kilometer down the road towards the Tea Plantations. There was a continuous line of people walking towards large building with music blaring from inside, the small children looking very clean with shiny shoes, I would say,
“Yes, they rejoice in Kenya.”

I am guessing; however there is at least double the number of Churches in Kenya than in small town Indiana. And when there are not enough churches, they have an Islamic Mosque. This has to be the last country on the planet that needs Christian Missionaries. It is sort of like Guatemala, I always wonder why they need Missionaries.

I can only speculate, I suppose the Christians would like to stop the wave of Islamic Missionaries, there is always someone wanting to find the one true God.

“There is no God but the one God.”
"La ilah illa Allah."

I personally believe that God allows confusion, because in confusion a person can find perfection. When a person has never ending faith in good, I believe they start to understand the confusion is needed to make a person choose their path.

Who said it, I think it was the music groups the Rolling Stones,
“Confusion is the Devils only friend.”

However, without the Devil, there is no need for a God.

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Easter Sunday in Kenya

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