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East Timor Culture Small Tent Cities

2006-06-10 18:37:00

East Timor Culture
There are small tent cities that go and hang around the safety zones or the powers that be zones.
This one is next to the Journalist Hotel Timor, it was inside the harbor protective gates, however when the ships returned, they moved them to the park and many went home.

There are similar groups at the United Nations area, the Airport and probably a couple more.
Safety or hanging around for free food, hard to say, I had more beggars in Bali hit me up for money than East Timor, strange.

Probably the best symbol of the cultural or the biggest influence of East Timor culture. I heard some gossip; I guess there was about zero AIDS in East Timor because it was isolated before their claiming independence. The United Nations entered East Timor to help stabilize the nation.
Many of the workers were from Africa and brought with them AIDS, this is the skinny, and gossip.

Dili is a flat spot at the bottom of the mountains, there are multiple streams that come down from the mountains and a good photo in the way they come through the city and enter the ocean.

Trash Burning
This reminds me of India, they have the corner trash burner. A house can take their trash to this box, it is then burned. They did the same in India; however, the cows were normally eating the trash.


Typical Barb Wire around a hotel in East Timor, these fences are not new, they have been here awhile.

The Australian Army runs these Armored Cars down the road fast and furious. Sometime I think it is to make sure to announce, we are here, can you hear us?

Newspaper and Cell Phone cards, this may be a hot zone, but all business has not stopped, gone a little low key, but you can buy a Saturday paper on Saturday.

The realm of stupid.
This is a market, sad, and stupid. The roaming gangs burned and crippled this market. We are in the tropics, you can sleep outside easy, it is not a huge problem, and in fact, it could be cooler. When they burn the business of people though it causes a much more drastic problem. If you can earn money, you can move back into a home or hut. If you cannot earn money, then what do you do.


Photo of one of the riverbeds or river that lead to the ocean maybe sea.

This beach is about a 3 on a scale of 10 for beaches, however it is a beach, many are just rocks, this does have a beach. That is a lighthouse on the right of the photo. I think this is a hang around and drink in grass like huts on the beach, look around, drink some more and call it paradise. East Timor is supposed to have good diving, however they all say that.
The cost of East Timor is about double of Bali, not a first on the list place for tourism. However culturally this is ten times better than Bali. Bali is more or less one huge colony of salespeople to me.
East Timor is a Warehouse?
Where is my house, they burned many houses.
East Timor Culture


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