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East Timor After a Riot

2006-06-09 03:11:00

East Timor
Maybe a little too balls to the wall here in East Timor; I am still having trouble assessing the situation. I am sitting here watching the movie Vanity Fair on HBO, with the Air Con running and a fridge.
The drive from the airport to the hotel truly felt like the day after a riot.

Took a photo from the airplane fully expecting the Australian Military to completely stop me when they could find me? Photos are a no no in many airports on the planet; I remember getting stopped cold in the Caribbean and having to delete photos. However, the Australian Military did not care and allowed photos.

The airport was in disarray, not sure what happened. Here is a couple of journalist discussing the situation. The telephoto lens, extra large, plus two cameras is a sure sign of what a photographer wears. Both have on the hunting jacket vest, also the traditional uniform.

Right now the worst baggage system I have encountered, the pulled the baggage cart out behind the terminal and we cross a small ditch and grabbed our bags from the cart.

The worrisome part, there are many makeshift tents inside the womb area of the airport. They appear to be there for safety, however maybe they are waiting for a plane. People will naturally run or move towards safety, maybe they are not sure what to do, it is possible they are from Indonesia and actually do need to leave the country, however caught in the mess.
I hitched an accidental ride with a Journalist, he was off to the Timor Hotel and I thought about staying; however, the price was maybe 130 U.S. dollars per night. They were very kind and dropped me of at the Turismo Hotel, which starts at 25, I opted for the safety of watching BBC and CNN, and I feel better when I can at least know a little more. Not that I trust these news company for the truth, but they do find out quicker than me what is happening on the planet.
I was asked by a journalist, and a NGO worker why I came to East Timor. I said, hmm?
- Normally, I would say to chase girls and cause trouble; however, I think I am here to see if what is on TV is the same as what is really happening. I tend to think of BBC and CNN as fantasy. -

East Timor


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