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Earthquakes Dominican Republic and Haiti

Roughly 6:10 pm in the city of Sosua, Dominican Republic we experienced as floating sensation, as if the top layer of the earth was sliding back and forth. Normally, the small quakes I experienced are more like rumbles; this was as if the ground beneath my feet was sliding.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Tuesday, January 12, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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I ran out of my concrete room and looked back at the building, it was disconcerting, as if Freddy the owner and other people walking around did not notice.

People are sending question, and answers, it must have hit close to Port-au-Prince and somewhere between 7.0 and 7.3. As best I understand, after about 7.0, it can break the roads, or cracks can appear in the ground. Lower than this and weaker building can fall, but much worst when the ground cracks, as water lines, gas line and other infrastructure problems occur.

It is possible, that waves from a Tsunami were hitting the shore, and literally pushing the top layer of the mantle around. It has rained for two days, it is cold, wet, and not the time to go walking around exploring. If it was bad; it would also be horrible here, because everyone is hiding in building staying out of the rain.

As normal, the people outside the country know better than me inside.

Earthquakes Dominican Republic and Haiti