Drunken Sailor Travel Budget

Drunken Sailor Travel Budget
There is always a better way to explain budgets, I have said in the past,
“Splurge Travel Budget”
“Credit Card Travel Budget.”
“I’m rich and your poor budget.”
“I’m going back to my job budget.”

“I am on Vacation Budget.”

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

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I am fascinated by observing people spend money.

I sometimes stop in Greenwich Pizza here in the Philippine and buy a Pepperoni Pizza for 139 Pesos. The person behind the counter ask,
“What would you like to drink?”
I say,
She may get the manager to come over and speak better English.
I say,
“I do not want a drink.”

Sometimes they bring me water and this is greatly appreciated, I just do not like to purchase sugar water, it gives me a loser feeling.

I am encouraged by the world to spend money like a Drunken Sailor, and when I do not, they call me

I am confused, I know there is nothing in my mind that compels me to spend money like a drunken sailor; I know there is something wrong with me. I for some reason have the money to wander around the world and
“Work at doing nothing all day.”

One of the biggest insults on planet earth is to call someone cheap they even have a moniker here, called a “Cheap Charlie.”

Here is a classic song, called “Hey Big Spender, which seems to be the aspiration of the planet, to be a big spender. I do not mind that people are big spenders, I am curious if they know why they are motivated to be a big spender.


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Do animals introspect?

Drunken Sailor Travel Budget


"Spending like a drunken sailor" is not just about being loose with one's money ... it's about being completely open to follow the opportunity of the moment ... regardless of whether or not it costs you anything or takes you away from they way you planned to use your resources. But I totally agree that the downside of spending this way all the time is that whether we are Bill Gates or a budget traveler we all have some limit to our available finances. The freedom to follow the moment will eventually give way to the tyranny of poverty. It's like a dictatorial country that you automatically become a citizen of when you have no money ... because then you have no choices.


Mabuhay from Boracay! Living a SIMPLE thrifty lifestyle keeping active and entertaining oneself withOUT constantly spending money, shopping or seeking human contact through consumerism is a sure way of reaching control and financial freedom over one's life. But my wife and I do indeed KNOW EXACTLY what you are talking about, when one lives their life like this those around him make the type of remarks and maintain the same attitudes you are talking about above. I find this attitude or cultural group mentality the WORST in the States but it's very common here in the Philippines also where the "millionaire for a DAY" attitude is also a widespread Filipino cultural trait. How else would SO MANY PAWN SHOPS all over the Philippines stay in business and prosper? But again as I've mentioned before this spendthrift critical attitude toward "Cheap Charlies" seems MOST common in catholic cultures.

My wife and I don't let it bother us much as we have ALWAYS KNOWN, "it's LONELY at the TOP" so prefer our OWN COMPANIONSHIP ( and our cash savings, bank deposits and land titles ) to maintaining a "posse" eager for us to offer them "FREEBIES" each and everyday they wake up looking for others to support their consumer junky habits.

A Word to the WISE read Benjamin Franklin's "Poor Richard's Almanac" , Henry David Thoreau's "Walden" and "Thoughts of Thoreau" for such universal tips like "never a borrower nor a lender be", "early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise" . WALKING and READING and spending lots of quality intimatecy time are FREE and for those who want to travel REMIND YOURSELVES working that 2nd and 3rd job even at less salaries than hoped for allows you to SAVE MONEY and "SEE the LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL" as when working you are NOT spending.

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