You can find Dominican Republic Expatriates lurking around an internet site called dr1.com.

I have been sitting around in Rocky’s a famous Expatriate hangout listening to people fight over dr1.com. I could only hope the world is fighting about my site, this for sure is a sign of success.


Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Monday, February 15, 2010
By Andy Graham of HoboTraveler.com
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Expatriate Insider Sites

ThaiVisa.com is one of the best for Thailand, and I believe you could consider HarryTheHorse.com an insider’s site for the Philippines.

Well, DR1.com should probably be put on the same ground, while maybe a little more of a news site than the other two, but I hear has an active forum.

How Insiders Sites Work
Normally, there is a forum you can join, I try to subscribe to the daily newsletters or Blogs and receive the updates daily in my email box. It is an easy way to monitor what is happening in a different sphere of influence, a different culture, a different world, and few people who we probably should keep a keen eye, just to be sure.

I now subscribe to dr1.com by email, I get a daily email, I skim it and delete, trying to watch over the shoulder of the Expats, making sure I am an insider and not an outsider.

Hmm, I think Khao San Road, in Thailand has Stickman, but never monitored enough to understand the modus operandi.


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