Dominican Republic is 91 on Human Development Index

When I cannot get clear reading on a culture, I go check the Human Development Index, to discover the dirty laundry clues.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Sunday, February 14, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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Do not get yourself confused
These are guides, not the final word, that is your decision.

Note this is a pretty good guide or way to evaluate the safety of the country you want to visit, as it does have many categories. I would only use this as a guide, fun to see who is doing good also in the minds of a liberal save the planet, hug a tree world.

Dominican Republic is 91 on Human Development Index


I've always loved statistics and have a head for numbers in general finding it easy to remember noteworthy numbers. Here's a site I found by playing around researching details about Brazil after watching a Charlie Rose's stellar interview with Eike Batisita on Bloomberg News channel a few nights ago.

there's huge collection of various types of data, demographics country by country worldwide so I found it worthwhile enough to bookmark. I was completely ignorant of the Brazil's changing political climate over the last 15 years and found it amazing as was Mr. Batista when he pointed out that Brazil's credit rating at 140 is better than Germany at 180. And the special temporary dictorial powers that the president of Brazil is granted under their constitution seemed instrumental in Brazil's prosperity. It made the States' governing policies and presidential limitations seem antiquated or in need of changing. I found the interview to be enlightening and a window to the future of the world where previously undeveloped countries will be leading the world instead of the USA and European countries whose social, cultural, economic systems seem to be sinking or stuck in the extremely complicated webs they have spun.