Doctors Mom Mike and Chris

Doctors Mom Mike and Chris
I often post a problem on this Travelogue, and readers give me great advice, 85 percent of the advice is off-topic. Nevertheless, this is the job of a critical thinker, to separate noise from chaff, to harvest the wheat in the middle of a windstorm.

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Mike is an expert in Sciatica exercises
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I think you call this an inversion table, a person who works out way more than normal would understand. You use this to exercise your stomach muscles, to get a six-pack if you comprehend.

My friend Mike has one of these tables; I got on it the last time I was in the USA to see if it relieved pressure on my hipbone. I worked out daily for about 15 years.

Bauang or San Fernando, Philippines
La Union Province
Southeast Asia
Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Ok, I am here in San Fernando, La Union Philippines trying to visit a Physical Therapist, a little Medical Tourism here in the Philippines.

I got on yesterday, called my friend Mike in Fort Wayne, Indiana and learned something. Mike is a Sciatica expert. Now, he told me his Chiropractor taught him all the exercises. I have been warned not to use a Chiropractor and this is good advice. A stupid anyone can cause me more harm than good, I have already hurt my back just trying to stretch it, a person must be careful.

I am not a fat, ugly, beer drinking, cigarette smoking pool player that has never exercised in their life unless forced by the Military. I am 100 percent opposite, I played all the sports, high jumped and pole vaulted in high school, I for some reason an in a the body of a 53 year old man, truly and annoyance.

11 years of travel has destroyed my body, I have specific muscle groups that have atrophied, I am very strong, but not in comparison to 11 years ago.

The problem with travel is you leave all your friends who are smart and are surrounded by idiots…. That is until you find new smart friends; generally, idiots surround me because they outnumber the smart friends. is the solution to keeping your smart friends close, however difficult to find hotels with Internet that functions and cheap.

I am in the Lorma Hospital trying to interview all the Doctors to see if they are on the side of smart or idiot. I am strict, I expect way too much from people and I get it.

I have found two Doctors that know more than most and speak English good enough to diagnose something, not everything. Their English is great, and if you have lower back pain, something Sciatica, this is a cheap resource.

Doctor Edward Chiu, Orthopedic something.
300 Pesos per visit or about six dollars.

Doctor Acacia, a female Physical Therapist
250 Peso per visit about five dollars

I made a mistake on Hotels, I should have gotten a Hotel closer to the Hospital, it takes me about 30-60 minutes to get to the Hospital through the horrible traffic, and I am going to find a nice hotel close to the Hospital.

Pain of Trip problem, if you want to exercise, work out, get in good shape, you need to live close to the gym. I need physical therapy and I need to blast my muscle groups, I need to stretch and do it right. Well, the time added up, one hour to go, one hour to return and one hour to exercise adds up to three hours.


This is a lot of time spent jacking around and not effective or efficient, I need to shorten this time. On the other side, I do get to visit all the small shops and learn how Jeepneys and Tricycle Taxis work.

As best I can surmise, it cost 60 Pesos to take a Taxi from the Bali Hai East Hotel to the Lorma Medical Center, I will try it today. This is about 1.50 dollars, not a big expense.

I was laughing, I am a lightweight compared to all the Expats of Americans around here, and I am small person in compared to them. I do not think many of them can lower themselves into a tricycle taxi or climb into a jeepney. They are fat impaired, truly a problem in the Philippines and good reason for them to play pool and not move.

Fun crap, and interesting, I am hyped up, ready to kill a bear, I am going to solve this body problem, there is zero reason to accept I am 53 years old, especially in the Philippines.

I do have trouble ignoring the obese men around me, and to keep my mouth shut, but so be it.

I say I am fat, but to me 5 pounds is too much, I am 20 pounds overweight as I sit here, this will be gone in the next 30 days.

Doctors Mom Mike and Chris