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The Internet is becoming more stable and dependable; there are few things possible for a real traveler now, that was not possible a year ago. I am publishing a daily video every day, this is new. And only possible because of the USB Wireless Modem, however, it is also possible to do Podcast if I ever can understand what a Podcast is used for, I am not in the USA, I do not have Radio or listen to Ipods.

USB Wireless Modem from MTN in Ghana, green is 2G and bluish is 3G, and 4G is going to make phone calls over the Internet standard, and now I am trying to dream about how 5G will be used. The USB Wireless Modem is changing the world in 2011, whole countries are now open to be used by the location independent group, they can have a Mobile Office anywhere.

Podcast Story
I tried to call a Public Relations person the other day on, she declined the call, then texted me over Skype,
"I am ready to send two Podcasts, I will call later."
She asked me a couple of years ago,
"Do you Podcast?"

The truth is, I do not understand how people benefit from listending to a Podcast, I think there is some small something I am not understanding. Maybe on the Ipod they just keep coming up as something to listen too. I can record a Podcast, I can even make this RSS feed thingy, or my Coder in India can, but who is going to use it and how?

Where? I mean, in their car? Do they walk around with an Ipod and listen? Does it come into some special radio? What is baffling to me, a video feels to be a better way of me reporting where I am located, then why have just an audio file?

Here is a Podcast of Sorts?
Andy explaining Sunday in Ho, Ghana

Is this something you already are doing, are you listening to daily Podcast reports from people?

Ho, Ghana West Africa --- Sunday, February 6, 2011


The American Way
I have a friend in USA who has a couple of women continually cancelling dates, unhooking or just not being serious. My friend Johnny says this is the way men in the USA,
"It is the American Way, to allow women to Jack you around."

Ghana Has a New Use of Slang Words to Sack Me
When you ask a person to leave the room in Ghana, they will say,
"You sacked me."
This is unique way of using this word here in the Ghana English world.
Sacked Defined in Urban Dictionary

Video of 10 Dollar Hotel in Cape Coast, Ghana West Africa Sammo

Do you Want to Listen to a Podcast from Andy Graham