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Do NOT Pencil Me In Travel Tip

You will not pen me in... I am Afraid of People with schedules, they want to help me. I am around many Expats here in Sosua, Dominican Republic, one well-intended person from New Zealand said,
“What is your goal?”

My brain went crazy; I start to look for the soapbox. I was going to start preaching. Luckily, I have slowly over time learn to keep my overactive mouth closed.

This is not why where are here.
… you have lost the plot.

This man is a great guy, he has all the best intentions, not that simple…

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Monday, January 18, 2010
By Andy Graham of
Travel Gear

My mouth fell open; I had no idea what to say, what is my goal. This is a foreign phrase in my world, only uses with selected people. Yes, I have goals, but I keep saying to people.
“I am a Traveler.”

If you are overseas, trying to escape from the nine to five,

Do not say:

1. I am too busy.
2. I have too much on my plate.
3. I will pencil you in.
4. I have a busy schedule.
5. I need a job.

If you have no time, you have no time for life.

I will think to myself, you have lost the plot, you still have not figured out why you planned your escape. It is possible to be extremely successful, even wealthy, without tying yourself up and feeding yourself to a culture of crazies going nowhere fast. I earn more money per year than half the citizens of the USA do. The goal is to be smarter than the machine, to work the least amount possible, and make the most amount of money. It does not take a genius to work 16 hours a day to make a fortune, the challenge in life is to work 2 hours per day.

I think wealth comes when you get rid of the schedules, you can open your eyes and see the path.

Do NOT Pencil Me In Travel Tip

Phil J

I can totally understand your post. But, some people emotionally cannot cope with a life without a chiseled in stone schedule. Some cannot retire even when they have the means to do so. They live to work instead of working to live. Sad when your job is your whole identity and your life. I too enjoy my life and have literally no schedule. I sometimes have to keep a doctor's appointment but that is about the extent of my schedule.
If some well meaning but misguided person had asked me what my goal or schedule is I would have said to enjoy life, have fun, and be on a permanent vacation like the rich people. I just wonder why it is admired and promoted as the expected behavoir for a rich person to do absolutely nothing while normal working people are looked down on if they enjoy life. I for one am on permanent, unending, totally enjoyable vacation for the rest of my life. And I make no apologies to anyone for it. Five times I held up my right hand and swore to defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. And the constitution I swore to uphold and defend gives all US citizens the right to life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness.