Do Not Interrupt Me I Want Contiguous Learning

I telephone friends, or business people, they say,
"I am busy, call back later."
I say,
"You are always busy."

I would propose, the German Shorthaired Pointer had a better teacher than many students.

San Pedro, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Monday, June 14, 2010
By Andy Graham of


Squandering Our Gift as Humans
This paragraph I found on this page explains the gift of being a human.

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The uniqueness of human learning.
-- Davis DD.

It is proposed that humans are capable of a unique type of learning. All other animals are limited to contiguous learning (not more than 60 seconds separating the two events). Only humans are capable of "separated" or scientific learning (learning a connection between two or more events separated by more than 60 seconds). Science itself is a generalized type of non-contiguous learning. It is also proposed that humans' capacity for separated learning is dependent upon the unique ability to hypothesize (to propose a connection or relationship between two or more events separated by time). As a result of separated learning, humans are the only animals capable of "separated foresight" (anticipating which events are likely to occur more than one minute into the future).
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My Reward in Paradise
One of my many rewards for living outside my own culture is I have learned to keep my life in balance. I can turn on or shut off my learning, I am capable of studying the works of a teacher without interruption. If I want, I can read a book in two days and truly understand the meaning, I do not lose the story line. If I wish, I can sit on the internet and watch every music video with Shakira on

The other day, a friend mentioned that the television show "South Park" writers were good researchers of current topics. I felt a little vulnerable, and said,
"Describe the story line?"

The answer was ambiguous, with no clarity, I thought to myself, my friend is intelligent, and in my experience, it is best to follow the breadcrumbs.

I went to and read about the show.

I am now in the process of downloading one show of South Park; I will take a lick, and see if I want to take a bite. I am able to utilize contiguous learning, and non-contiguous learning methods.

What I have learned by writing this Blog is that people allow themselves to be interrupted continuously, generally, I am fully aware few readers will make it here. What do you think; did you read the last line of this missive?

Do Not Interrupt Me I Want Contiguous Learning