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Do Not Become a Travel Writer

2010-03-14 07:13:56

I do read travel writers. I do not think of myself as a travel writer, I am a person who loves to travel and needs money. I do not like to read travel writing, I do not fantasize, I do not sit around dreaming about other countries, I think I am happy with my life. There is only one good reason to read travel writers, to plan your next vacation.

There is a rash of web sites promoting people to become travel writers. I think this is almost negligent, bridging on being a swindle. I am not sure how to describe this movement; however, I know they are not looking out for your best good.

First, admit to yourself, your first priority is to travel, not to be a writer. Alternatively, admit to yourself you want to be a writer, or maybe you want to be a webmaster.

Panajachel, Guatemala --- Sunday, March 14, 2010
By Andy Graham of


Travel Writing is Cliché Writing
I read or skimmed a Lonely Planet book on how to be a travel writer, the one point they make continuously as many travel writers wrote their opinions.
"Do not be cliché."

However, in my opinion, to be a famous travel writer, you need to be cliché, because you are going to write to sell tours, airplane tickets and hotel room. The last thing you can be is honest, you must write in a politically correct manner that makes advertisers happy.

My Success
My success is more about being an internet Webmaster, than being a writer, to do what I do, you have to be able to combine these three skills.

First: Webmaster
Second: Writer
Third: Photographer

If you do not want to be a Webmaster, than I am not sure, you can do what I do, writing alone is not going to make enough money, and I make money because of my webmaster skills, not because of my writing skills.

Writers must become famous, they need to self-promote until their fame sells whatever they write, or write a book. Paper books is an easier way to make money than writing for the internet, I do hope people get this clear in their heads. I am not a travel writer; I am webmaster who writes a lot so he has content that readers can find in

I am toying constantly with the formula needed to make money as a writer, I do not know how to make enough money as a writers. However, in my opinion, if I wanted to become a famous writer, I would make a press kit, walk into every newspaper I ever ran upon and hand them ready-to-publish articles about me.

Now, the key here, go do something before you think of yourself as famous, truly being you is not something; it is the doers in life who make the money.

Many of my temporary readers become incredibly angry when I do not write cliché and politically correct as they was expecting from a travel writer. I am a writer who travels, I do this writing thing as a self-discovery tool, it is truly enlightening to hear yourself talk.

I want to give you insights in how to make money to travel...

Do Not Become a Travel Writer