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Did you Come to See Paradise or the Pig

Did you Come to See Paradise or the Pig

I am on the beautiful Jungle Lake called Izabal, which starts the river called the "Rio Dulce." This lake and river system that has become a popular cruising sailboat destination. There are some people who can only see the lake and river, I on the other hand seen a pig.

Rio Dulce, Fronteras, Guatemala --- Tuesday, July 13, 2010
By Andy Graham of


This dog was lying around at the Sundog bar here in the city of Fronteras, commonly called Rio Dulce in Guatemala.

Two majestic looking Catamaran Sailboats, this is a hurricane safe area whereby a boat can dock for about 100-200 dollars per month.

I was walking by a big pig the other day, a sow with a piglet, and I had a moment of empathy for tourist. They want to see beauty, I see real life, the guts and glory as beautiful, and even when I am complaining, I am vibrantly, voraciously, vividly alive.

I was enjoying watching the pig wallow in the water, I thought to myself, a pig does not have sweat gland, therefore it needs mud to cool its body, it was a happy thought, and it reminded me of my youth working on the farm.

The Travel Tip here, it is best to ask yourself the question, do you want to see a pig, or do you want to see paradise? Moreover, if you see a pig, is this paradise for you, it is real life, it can be paradise for you, or are you continually searching for a sweeter spot?

Did you Come to See Paradise or the Pig


Do not get lost, I seen the pig, and the paradise, and your comment is extremely in focus, a great example of real life situations.

One person sees grammar problems and another see the picture of the pig, and hopefully we stay the course long enough to realize what is real and do not crash our ship unable to ever understand.


Leslie, don't mess with Andy's schtick! gets over 213,000 visits a month. With bad grammer!! Totally, surprisingly remarkable. It differentiates him from all the others travel blogs.


Complicated to explain, however I have decided to spend 90 percent of my time working on writing books and 10 percent of the time writing blog post. Generally, the reason is this, readers scan or poke at articles, they cannot seem to slow themselves down and read, the attention span of readers has decreased to the size of a tweet or comment on facebook.

I will give more photos and less writing, and I will sell books for people to read. Cliche is what people can deal with on the Internet, and I am not up to that, I can not write daily fluff dreamland material of poetic justice, and romantic travel. It just is not real, travel is real life, a pig here, a pig there.

Bottom line, buy the books.

I have written 5000 blog post, I know what I am doing when I write, I know I am human, I will be the one wandering around down here, relaxed and enjoying life tomorrow. I know I am the one who will be sitting by my swimming pool tomorrow while people criticize my grammar while in their cubicle bored out of their mind, wanting to find someone to smack around to feel just a little power.