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Did my Ivory Coast Girlfriend put a Voodoo on Me?

When Bah, my Ivory Coast girlfriend was leaving Ghana, she gave me a Bra, a Ring, then labeled a Stuffed Animal with her name.

I looked at her bewildered,
"Why give me a Bra?"

She insisted I take the Bra, and when I came to Ivory Coast she wanted it back. I admit, this is strange, I thought for a while she was marking territory, letting any girl near me know she was around. Voodoo is about a person putting influence into the mind of another person, it only work if peope believe. I do not believe, but I did return.

I made a joke here in Ivory Coast,
"You put Voodoo on me,"
She said,
"If I put Voodoo on you, you would never be able to leave."
"I go to Church, I don’t do voodoo."

Ivory Coast, West Africa --- Monday, February 28, 2011


This is the ring she gave me, I do not believe in Voodoo, but I admit, she has a hook cast into my brain.

Did my Ivory Coast Girlfriend put a Voodoo on Me?


Who needs voodoo when you have major subliminal messaging. :)


Voodoo, schmoodoo! Just be careful Andy! Even Hugh Hefner is getting married. Look closely at all of the facts of this situation.


Women get jealous and they are insecure, when they find a man with a stable income, they have found security, here in El Salvador many practice a form of 'voodo' mixed with Hispanic Catholicism, I even have a big photo of Maximon from Guatemala on my wall, but do not pray to him, my primo hermano (half brother of my cousin) would tell me the story of how his Mother, now 91, senile, my tia politica (Aunt by marraige) took his Father, who owned several Coffee Fincas to a 'bruja' or witch when he was four years old and soon after his Father died, leaving all of the land and money and houses to my tia politica, who now lives on my departed Uncle's US social Security as a widow. Be careful with 'developing world' women when they get jealous or get in their head you are 'leaving them', their dream is to be able to go back and forth from USA and have your baby(ies). Your call. Buena suerte Gluck haben bonne chance best of luck!!!!


The true test of love will be, will you bring Bah back home to meet the parent's?