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Diagnosing Sciatica in Philippines

Diagnosing Sciatica in Philippines
Paying a doctor 10 dollars per conversation here in the Philippines has convinced me that Medical Tourism is a great idea if you are already coming on vacation to the Philippine. It would be hard to justify a trip here just to talk to a Filipino Doctor. I think if you have already been diagnosed in the USA or Europe, then coming here to have expensive medical treatment is also a good idea. Then again, the Doctors in Thailand or Panama may be able to do treatment better, but not able to diagnose..

Hehehe confusion is great, something about the genetic pool.

Hmm, I think talking to 5-10 doctors makes sense to a few people, a great way to be confused and dangerous to many people.

Well, Sciatica is a sharp nerve pain that goes shooting that goes down your leg and stops a person from walking normal.

Bauang or San Fernando, Philippines
La Union Province
Southeast Asia
Sunday, August 16, 2009


As best I understand today, a person can have two types of Sciatic nerve problems.

1. One is caused because a disc in the spine is pushing against the spinal column.

2. The second is caused because the Piriformis muscle is squeezing the nerve.

I paid about 180 dollars to have a MRI done here in the Lorma Hospital in San Fernando, La Union. The MRI says I have a bulge that is pushing against my nerve, so I do have a spinal column problem.

However, one of the orthopedic doctors in Lorma Hospital says,
“If you can do all these movements, then you do not have spinal problem, the person with true spinal problems cannot do that.”

JD a friend from Baguio sent me this link on Piriformis syndrome.
Piriformis syndrome. JD I think has pointed me at the solution.

Hmm, this is a trip to confusion, then I learn the bottom line, at the end of the day whether I have a disc problem or this piriformis muscle problem, the solutions are about he the same, the doctors pointed me at a Physical Therapist. I have pointed myself at many YouTube Videos… hehehe and will also do the Physical Therapy at the Lorma Hospital proving the women therapist is friendly and pretty.

(I am going to find a Chiropractor also, I hope… 500 Pesos per trip, this 2000 for Motley is a lot of cash.)

Education to some people is hazardous to their health, then for some people it can save their life.

This is truly a confusing subject, but I think the bottom line is this, you may just want to skip to the solutions if you have shooting pain that does down one of your legs.

Call is what you want, there is the solution somewhere here, short of paying to have surgery, this is where I am starting.

You need to stretch both your spinal column and your piriformis muscle.

Then you need to exercise your Gluteus medius muscle, and think Sciatic nerve, be the nerve.

I am sure I need to exercise many muscles, but this seems to the priority number one muscle to point at.

If you have a shooting pain in your leg, first watch this video, then click below and then maybe click on this link with a collection of many videos.

1. Sciatica Diagnose
2. Sciatica Stretching
3. Sciatica Exercises


If you not see a video here it is because you are reading by email, click here to see video.

When I have a problem, I do read a lot, research and start making Internet pages that outlines the problem. By making outlining the problems I learn, I use the process of writing to educate myself.


Then again, it would be easier to sit around and complain.

I am not going to lift my Backpacks weighing 70-100 pounds for at least three weeks, and hopefully four.

Diagnosing Sciatica in Philippines