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DEET Insect Repellant Add Water Travel Tip

Save money, and use less Toxic DEET on your body, dilute the mixture by 50 to 75 percent. You will need to experiment with your local version of insects.

Johnny the airline pilot told me,
"You can add water to the DEET Insect Repellant; it seems to a good job."

The Island of Hispaniola, with the countries of Haiti and Dominican Republic is infested with "No See Ums," these little bugs that bite before and after sunset or sunrise.

I have used more DEET or Insect Repellant in the last six weeks, than in the last 12 years of travel here in Sosua, Dominican Republic.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Saturday, February 20, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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I carry the little white bottle with me; it will not leak in my bag. I first purchased the small spray one thinking it would suffice, as you can see, I now have a collection of insect repellant bottles.

Me filling up my bottle with about 75 percent water, it seems to work well. I only need to do my ankles, and in the future will pack one long pair of tube socks. I only have them good-for-the-tropics ankle socks, I am hoping I can buy some here, I am not positive sock will stop No See Um, I know it will not totally stop Mosquitoes. (Loose Clothing is needed.)

Two Things I will Not Do
1. Put DEET on my Body Every day.
2. Take Malaria Pills longer than one month.

I need to buy some long socks, this is out of control, it is not the Mosquitoes, it is this nasty version of No See Um that infests this Island called Hispaniola.

I went in an internet café on Rue Lamarre in Port au Prince, Haiti. I started carrying my bottle of insect repellant; it was amazing how many welts the Hispaniola Island version of No See Ums can gave me. (I do not know if this building exist, or the man is alive.)

Everyone is different, it is highly possible, I am just sweeter than you are, normally I am not affected as much as other people, however here they like me better.

Did you know, if you put Duck Tape on some item, and you wanted to clean it, you can use Insect Repellant or DEET to clean the glue off?

DEET Insect Repellant Add Water Travel Tip


Savvy is correct, the no see ums bite one hour before or after sunrise or sunset. I need two hours of protection, therefore watering it down is a lot cheaper.

I do not feel it is safe for daily use, very few people would use insect repellent daily in the USA. I am doing so because of some uncontrollable variables. The owner of the apartments needs to have the whole building fumigated, then I would not have a problem. If I lived here a year, I would do it, and not need to use DEET.

I have sprayed my apartment down three times, maybe two more times and this problem will stop I hope.

Bottom line, DEET at full strength is overkill.