Declarations of War Made by Travelers

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I said to a Belgium friend,
"You should put up a Belgium Flag on top or the Rock."
(Her house in Jaibalito, Guatemala is on to of a rock cliff.)

She said,
"This is like a Declaration of War against Guatemala."

American Soldiers declaring Iwo Jima conquered in World War II.

Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Thursday, May 13, 2010
By Andy Graham of


I asked Boy Genius in India,
"What would you think if I had a house in India and put an American Flag above it?"
Boy Genius from India says,
"We have that, the Russians are putting up Flags above their houses here in Goa."
"They are setting up their own countries inside of India and telling us to stay out."

You Will Get Punished
Please remember you are visitor in a country, do not declare war on a country and for sure do not say,
"I have rights, I am an American."

The Flag of the country you are in always takes priority over your own.

Declarations of War Made by Travelers

You can be fined if you raise an American Flag in America !!!!

Especially if you are a VET. Not politically correct !!

Link to story

Lots of other flags get no protest because it is "ethnic binding to the neighborhood" or something crazy PC. One Jamaican flag is cute, 300 are trouble. O'rlly me son ?

I have a American flag in Thailand. Mai pang rai. No Problem. It makes it very easy for the food vendors to find my house when I call. Plus any friends that may be looking for me.

This is not a issue except in AMERICA !! It really seems like all the lefties want to have a little Guatemala near their home but far enough away that it does not bother them. weird !

sort of like China-towns. They don't bother us so why complain ? why ? Have you looked at Andy's Tax record ? OK bad example, look at yours !!! that is why !!! what part of Illegal do you not understand ?

Me and Andy have to show "OUR PAPERS" if ASK any time any hour. WHY are foreigners give a Carte Blanche when in USA ?

why because most Americans do not have a passport and have no idea that laws are different when they leave America..they think it is all the same the world over....except in Thailand. They got the word out NO DRUGS ! Seems to work pretty good. I think Marijuana use is almost zero in High school and same in college.

point is different rules different countries.