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Dealing with Beggars Rules

I normally only give to really old people, people with a body part missing, and to people that ask for food. I have found a few more people in India asking for food, so I am spending more money and time buying food.



I really love my creative camera that cost 35 dollars. I have started to carry with me my camera always. I did this in Iraq, but I am realizing that the best photos are when I do not expect them. This camera is very small and quick, plus it does not look like a camera so does not annoy or make people change their pose. Plus saves on all the questions that would arise if I had a normal large camera. The screen on my Sony Mavica gets way too much attention.

I am going to buy a backup Creative camera when I get a chance. I am worried thought they have changed the price and updated the models that in the end removes the value of the camera.


Woke up early to the notion that I really do not want to leave Margao today. I was already to go, then I found the hooks, so I want to complete my mailings before I leave. So I will stay another day, but there are lots of things to do, and this is my first real taste of normal culture in India. So it is still fresh and interesting. I have this feeling that Gokarna is a totally mixed up city, and not so real. I have heard too many tourists saying they are going to Gokarna.

I am going to take a day trip to Colva beach, I just hope soon.

Changing my mind is probably one of the best things about travel, and I am always wary of myself trying to regiment my travels. I think it is natural to plan or prioritize, but I have learned that free flow travel and life is better and more interesting. Plus I do not miss the best opportunities and best places to visit, but sticking to the plan. Most of the greatest times or most interesting experiences were because someone mentioned a strange place to visit and I went.


I for some reason had 2 extension cords in my pack. I decide to lose a little weight, plus I was having problems. So I changed to a larger gauge wire cord that was already in my bag. The heating of my water to disinfect the clothes was making the cord and switch too hot. The world likes to sell these 18-24 gauge wire extension cords. The just put on more insulation if for heavy-duty use. This is not the proper way to do this. I am looking presently for a 14-gauge wire to make my own. I am tired of all the problems I am having. It needs to be that twisted type of stranded copper. The big problem with that is that it makes a connection more difficult inside the plug. But a solid copper wire would not be flexible. I do not want a huge insulation on the outside like a treble light or such, because it would take up too much space and weigh a lot. I have a 3-plug end on my extension cord. I have all sorts of connectors to convert from the 2 prongs to the slotted and all that crap.


Today I played on the Internet for about 4 hours. The cost is cheap so I surfed around and cleaned up my Internet world.

Later in the day I found some fish hooks. Sort of irritated at another store because they either lied to me, or just ignorant. I tend to think they lied because at the other store the man said the hooks were for catching the Kingfisher fish. This is a very popular fish in restaurants so the idea of them not knowing about this hook is a little on the obscure side, and not really believable. I had purchase 10 of a funky brand that does not have an eyelet. Now tomorrow morning I will buy 50 to send back to the USA. I use these hooks for my backpack organizer and have had a devil of a time buying them in the USA. The cost is about 50 Cents U.S. or about 20 Rupees.

I have had trouble buying this hook. A sharp hook can cut into a wood wall and allow me to hang my organizer up in some really difficult rooms. Strange as it sound there are lots of room that are just 4 walls of concrete and very little in the way of cracks, crevice or places to hang my organizer.