Danger in Kisoro Uganda

Danger in Kisoro Uganda
I do not have enough money to leave Uganda, I must stay in country for another day or two.

I am in an extremely dangerous situation here in Kisoro. Yesterday, I tried to use the Stanbic Bank ATM machine here in Kisoro. I entered my card and it authorized the payment, however did not give me the money.

Stanbic Bank cannot or will fix the problem, if the Bank is scamming me, then continuing to ask questions becomes increasingly dangerous. Even if they are not scamming me, asking too many questions in Africa is always dangerous. I must leave the city today to be safe.

Kisoro, Uganda
East Africa
Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Mr. Agreye or something like that at Stanbic Bank told me to call my bank and they would fix it. I called Debbie at National City and she says to wait and they can dispute it if there is a problem. Essentially both Bankers tell me to wait and neither understands the Bank daily computer cycling process well enough to explain, they more or less say trust the computers.

I ask Debbie what I information do I need to make a dispute, she says nothing, and I truly know both Bankers are giving me the tomorrow crap. She says to wait until tomorrow and she will check again, she did not realize there is a time difference…

Maybe it is an honest error, maybe they will fix it, I do not have enough money to go to Rwanda. There is one Bank machine here in Kisoro at the Stanbic Bank, the machine is broken. It would be stupid on my part to use the same machine again and hope it works. I will make the four hour trip to Kabale today and use the Barclays Bank ATM machine.

Bottom line, asking too many questions in corrupt countries can get you killed. I learned this in Mexico, which is more dangerous than Uganda. I met a girl in Playa del Carmen who asked too many questions, the Police strapped her down naked in the middle of the police station and told her to stop asking questions. I learned this by accident, I was walking with her and she saw a policeman, she started crying and became panicky. She owned a 250,000 dollar house in Playa del Carmen and was going to lose the house if she walked away.

In the end, I have to weigh the value of the 450 U.S. Dollars to me, I must evaluate how far I can push the Uganda banker, how far to go, and what to do. Nobody is going to help me, I am alone here in Kisoro.

It is strange how a stupid the world can get, I told Debbie, this is the city where Dian Fossy from the Movie “Gorillas in the Mist” was killed. She knew this movie and it was the danger became relevant, I doubt she knows where Uganda is located, and will never know where Uganda is located. I wonder if she knows who Idi Amin is? I doubt she know the movie “The Last King of Scotland.”

The history of the world is not reported by the Movies… Too stupid for words, I would say,
“Remember, it is a movie, it is not real.”

The danger dramatically decreases when I become a moving target, this is always the safest action when in danger, to move, to travel. I will be leaving today as soon as I get a business card from the Bankers, I will tell them I am staying around to wait.

80 percent of me say this is just stupid bankers, 20 percent says it is a scam, however, I am 100 percent positive sitting around in one location asking a lot of questions is not worth 450 U.S. Dollars.

450 U.S. Dollars is one year of pay here in Uganda for the average person, would you tell a lie for one year of pay?

Danger in Kisoro Uganda