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Damn the Pharmaceutical Companies

Damn the Pharmaceutical Companies
My father’s prostrate cancer has spread to his back. I have may arguments with God, today I just do now know what he expect from me, I will try to do my best, he deals from below the deck.

Mom says,
“They had us go fill a prescription of 10 very strong pills which cost $50.00 each or $500.00.”

I receive this email today, I know my Mother and Father and if they are all in favor of helping the planet, I will expose the dark to the light.

Mom wrote today
Hi Andy, We just got home from your dad's appointment with the oncologist in Ft Wayne. I am sorry to tell you the cancer has spread and your dad now has bone cancer in his back. Treatments were discussed and your dad picked out the treatment he wanted. He had his first treatment today. They had us go fill a prescription of 10 very strong pills which cost $50.00 each or $500.00. They asked if we could afford them. I told them we would no matter what. We went to Walmart in Ft Wayne because I was afraid they might not carry this medicine in Angola. They said they were very expensive too but I said fill the prescription and when we used my Dana drug card it was not bad at all. Your dad is in pretty good spirits and he does not feel bad. The doctor said if he starts feeling bad to call him right away. This treatment is supposed to last for 90 days. We have an appointment Nov. 12 for a checkup again unless I call sooner. At that time, he will have more tests and decide if he has another treatment the same as this one. love prayers mom dad

Bauang - Paringao - San Fernando, Philippines
La Union Province
Southeast Asia
Tuesday, September 1, 2009
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God raises the stakes today, he put the bar just a little higher, he somehow wants me to stay the course and make good decisions.

I was planning to send a Press Release today announcing, this has to be God playing dice with the Universe.

“Top Travel Blogger chooses the Philippines for Medical Tourism, having Doctors check a lump in his back causing sciatic nerve pain.”

I have done three Press Releases in the last year I paid 360 dollars to for the last one and got close to zero results.
National Geographic Chooses Andy as one of Top 10 Travel Blogs

I have a list of 500 Travel Writers, Boy Genius and I have been working on a project for about a year. What a Charlie Foxtrot, one problem after another, to create our own Press Release system has required incredibly persistence on my part

This is not funny God, what do you want me to do or say, is this some type of joke. My father and mother are 75 and 76, they worked all their lives in Factories, they did what was expected, and they paid their Union dues. Somehow, and I do not ask many questions because I feel like going into predatory mode and tracking down people. Somehow, for some reason, their Pensions have been decreased. In the past they had the majority of their Medical problems paid for, then about 6-12 months my Mother has started alluding or saying things like,
“Now that we need to pay our own prescriptions.”

What is this “Now” stuff, what was yesterday?

These are my parents, I love them, I try to be patient, and I am overseas talking on the phone system, not easy to wade through emotional packed conversations.

50 dollars per pill, this is what the Pharmaceutical Companies want for medicine. My Thailand girlfriend is a Pharmacist, I am here in the Philippines, I suspect that Thailand is a lot cheaper and better for medicine than the Philippines. Maybe we can buy cheap, and send to them, same damn medicine, just cheaper because Thailand people cannot afford to pay the high prices.

This is truly a Charlie Foxtrot my parents have already purchased the medicine. I want to explain to Mom and Dad, if you tell me the name maybe I can save you hundreds of Dollars.

However, this is not about money is it? It is about my Mother loving my Father and wanting the medicine today. I love the both of them and do not want them raped by the Doctors, Hospitals and Pharmaceutical Companies.

Somehow, the costs of things in the USA have gone out of control, some of this is just difficult to fathom. I got a MRI here San Fernando, Philippines two weeks ago for 150 Dollars, I am having Medical Tourism month, where people can call, write and ask questions.

I am more or less saying to the Press, if you want, follow along, there is a real person, in real time, in reality trying to figure out what a lump is on his back and how to pay for it?

I do not have health insurance, this is my bang for the buck, this is me, this is not that unknown insurance company in the sky. This is Gods joke, he now is showing me my parents playing the same game, with bigger stakes, how are they going to pay, will they use all their savings, need to sell their house, and end up living meager lifestyles until they die.

I am somehow trying to give an invitation to the Press today to ask me question, call me, email me, and contact me about Medical Tourism. I can be their eyes and ears here on the ground. I have a need to go the Doctor I go to a Physical Therapist this morning at 9:00, not Lorma but Ilocos Regional, same Doctor Acacios, but half the price and close to my Hotel. I paid 350 Pesos at Lorma to talk with her, I paid 150 to talk with here at Ilocos, there is no clarity here.

Thailand wanted 13000 Baht for an MRI.
I paid 8000 Pesos here for an MRI.
How is Thailand 380 Dollars for an MRI and the Philippines charged me 150? I have them now on my computer I can send to my friend Jeff a Doctor in the USA to look at.

What I am trying to do with the Press, I am giving them a laundry list of possible topics, they can call me on the telephone, and I am in a great place to field questions and search for answers.

1. Types of problems the Philippines are good at serving.
2. Cost of Medical Tourism
3. Major Hospitals
4. Living with the Hospital
5. Physical Therapist
6. Doctors making their Rounds
7. Private versus Public Hospitals
8. Cost of Medicine
9. What is sold over the country in Pharmacies?
10. Pharmacist versus Doctors
11. Glad Hand Versus Critical Thinking Doctor
12. Friends while you wait
13. Cost of living in the Philippines while here for a Month
14. Airfare to various Medical Tourism Areas
15. Language problems of Medical Tourism
16. Physical
17. Laboratory Work
18. Insurance Coverage Overseas
19. Exercise in a Hotel Room
20. Cheap enough to get an x-ray
21. Not getting intimidated by the Doctors
22. Can a doctors from a sloppy culture do good work?
23. Reviews of Hospitals
24. Sites specializing in Medical Tourism
25. Interview, the doctor, not the hospital.
26. Southern India, Thailand or Philippines
27. Western Transplant Doctors
28. education
29. Forums
30. Plastic Surgery
31. Dental
32. Optometry Press Releases

I will try to call Mom again.

This is the real world, not some fairy tell about travel, I am always baffled why people want to read about fantasy travel, I know the USA people have slowly lost the plot, they live in a fantasy world where they allow business to convince them to consume at any cost until they are cattle fat enough to slaughter.

Damn the Pharmaceutical Companies


Sorry to hear about your parents. You talk about the America Healthcare Industry, but I refuse to believe it is a valid industry. People worked all their life thinking they were paying into an insurance plan called SSI and Medicare, but they weren't. Basically, what we have here in the United States is a giant ponzi scheme. It worked as long as there were less users of the system, but now we are in a situation in where there are less workers paying into the system and so there is less to dole out for services. Compounded into this problem is the fact that it is not in the insurance company's best interest to pay out, anything they pay out comes out of their profit margins (which are huge). At least your parents are getting some benefit out of the system. I am paying into it right now, I have no faith that SSI or Medicare will exist when I retire. So basically, I am paying for a service that I will never use. How crazy is that?!


Hello John, I am not sure who to angry at the United Auto Workers Union for allowing a contract that somehow stops paying on retired people.

Or the Pharmaceutical Companies, Doctors and Hospitals aided by congress to allow them to just keep sticking it to the consumer.

I believe Social Security, Medicare and Medicai will be there for me, they are serving my parents properly. It is the Union that somehow sold them out, but then again when a company wants 50 dollars per pill everyone stops paying.

Obama may be on the right track, he is going to have to hurt the Pharmaceutical Companies, Doctors, Hospitals and Insurance companies. I do not think he is noble enough to do it, but he wil take a small notch, until his money dries up.

The people of the USA have never ending avarice, everyone somehow is convinced a job, and being a Doctor is job deserves a lot of money. A Doctor should not get wealthy, only owners of business deserve this capacity, more or less everyone along the line votes themselve more money and the consumer pays.

Page Turner

Andy, your mom says-It is not the union who sold me out it is the company who I worked for. Not only did they leave the city where I worked high and dry but they decided to file bankruptcy when the city became upset because the company I worked for had poluted the ground and river so bad it was affecting the water system in this city in the USA where everyone expects to have decent water. The city is now paying millions of dollars to clean this up. I am not absolutely positive but i think our president had a bill that congress OK'ed is paying some of this cost. The UAW took over our health plan and are doing the best they can for which I am very thankfull. Your dad and I do not blame God for any of this. We believe this passage of scripture with all of our hearts. Be carefull of nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be known to God. And the peace of God which passeth all understanding , shall keep your hearts and minds through Jesus Christ.Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are just,whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report if there be any virtue and if there be any praise think on these things. Phillipians 4:6, 7, and 8This is how we live our life and pray that everyone in our family does too.


First of all, join, Locals in 165 countries, some who are just amateur native guides who escort and advise visitors for love of country, city, region. Ask your questions and you'll get intelligent responses and leads on qualifed local doctors not "I'm sorry about your Dad, etc." Recently assisted a good friend of mine to relocate to Panama via the Localytes, they sent lots of insider info with no strings attched... all locals or long term expats. Most travel websites regarding Medical Tourism are tour operations touting in conjuction with Institutions.

Also the country and regional user groups on Couch Surfing, a Hospex site, often Couch Surfing hosts will allow surfers to spend several days at their home, or at least meet up in their free time and escort your Dad to see Doctors, interpreting if need be....

Always ask trusted locals and long term expats who have had experience with local doctors to recommend theirs to you, get second and third opinions.

If your Dad is a Veteran, there is a VA Hospital facility in Manila. Ask the old timer Vet Ex Pats there about local docs as well.

When one needs or requires help, ask for it. Seek and ye shall find.

Donald Lee, ExPat
San Salvador, El Salvador


Vic the USA system is now Usury Based Health System.

However, this is wrong, the whole country is usury based pricing, and Europe is twice as bad as the USA.

There is justice in a fare days pay for a fare days work, the world now wants as much as they can be clever. It is the pride in being clever that has me concerned, the whole world prides themselves in making money cleverly, not by hard work.

The average person in the world, in 80 percent of the countries makes about 5-10 USA dollars per day, it does not take an economic genius to see the global capital or free enterprise system is going go correct itself.

The USA and Europe will go down and the lower countries will go up, I am all ready buying everything I can NON USA.

I do not own a Korean Car, of Indian, but this is the future,

Mom, it was the job of the UNION to make sure your pension was funded.

I am American, I buy a good value, I make good decisions, and I want the value for the buck. I am just saying, the Pharmaceutical companies are not giving value, they are being clever a the cost of human life.

But so is 90 percent of the USA people, they are getting too much for no work.

20 percent of the population is caught in the vice, the worked, they did their job, they went off and got shot in Vietnam, they did what was normal, but they now suffer.

My life is great, I am an incredibly rich man here in the Philippines, or 80 percent of the planet.