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Cultural Fatigue

Cultural Fatigue
Definition of Cultural Fatigue:
“Cultural Fatigue is the physical and emotional exhaustion that almost invariably results from the infinite series of minute adjustments required for long-term survival in an alien culture. Living and working overseas generally requires that one must suspend his automatic evaluations and judgments, that he must supply new interpretations to seemingly familiar behavior and that he must demand of himself constant alterations in the style and content of his activity. Whether this process is conscious or unconscious, successful, or unsuccessful, it consumes and enormous amount of energy leaving the individual decidedly fatigued…”
- Cultural Confrontation in the Philippines
Book by David L. Szanton

Maybe this a helpful reference:
“Cultural Confrontation in the Philippines. In Textor ed, Cultural Frontiers of the Peace Corps. MIT Press, 1965.“

Southeast Asia
Friday, October 2, 2009

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I would personally thank David L. Szanton for writing this comment some 40 years ago, it is as poignant accurate today as it was than.

Cultural Fatigue
I personally know I become culturally fatigued, however fatigue is often too mild of word, I can be exhausted, and consumed by frustration anger. I have developed many coping mechanisms that allows me to travel perpetually travel and continually change cultures. I ride an emotional roller coaster and must be continually in touch with my emotions or lose the plot.

I will be exploring this concept in small doses, the denial, anger, shame, and rage that can be elicited by this discussion of cultural fatigue is incredible.

Are you losing the plot?

Cultural Fatigue

Cultural Fatigue


Mr David L. Szanton is saying to make the adjustments needed causes the fatigue. We must make them, there is no choice. I come from an area of the USA where there are many manners, I believe Jamaica would be painful. While there is a joke that people from New York fit in perfect in Jamaica.

What we normally do is not correct, we must make an adjustment.
I say hello to the reception desk, the person ignores me, I must accept or adjust and not say hello.

A person can lose their identity, this is when a person loses the plot, they do not know who they are and it changes daily. When a person starts wearing all the clothes of the locals even when they do not make sense.

Going native is what people are searching for, in essence the people who fit in the best become like the locals. The closer you are in behavior and mentality to the locals, the less you need to adjust, therefore the less adjustment made, the less fatigue.

I see expats in countries who never associate with the locals.

I become very agitated in Africa because I have no expats to talk with, therefore I never have a break from the adjustments, I must retreat into my hotel room and hide. I am hiding right now in the Philippines, I do not fit in with the locals or the expats. I do not drink alcohol or smoke.

An American can normally go to Australia easier and live than going to China.