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Cuban Taxi to Airport

I think a friend of a friend was making big money to take my Norwegian friends to the Airport.

There is a pure strain of naïve and silly tourist in Cuba; the white people here swallow whole all the prices given to them by Cuban people. It is common to say,
“The Cubans make 20 CUC in a month.”

Then pay them to do a service where they make 10 CUC in one hour, the tourist do not understand the value of money, they live and die with the thought. This is cheaper than I pay in my country, never understanding how irresponsible and inflationary it is to overpay. Cuba has been preserved by Castro, not saved, but preserved.

Havana Habana Cuba Saturday, Monday, December 7, 2009
By Andres Hidalgo with editing
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My Norwegian friends are in love with Cuba. When a person loves a country, the see beauty in everything, and realism takes a back seat. As we took a 4 CUC taxi from Habana Vieja to Vedado area she looked at the seawall on the Malecon and says,
“This is beautiful, I will miss it.”
She has been to Cuba eight times, she has been robbed four times.

I said, you truly love this place, when a person could look at this horrible stretch of seawall, water that is jet black, polluted, with a perimeter of almost deserted building, and say this. I has to be love; the Malecon is a two when ten is beautiful. I want to invite her to see Cartagena, Colombia, it is obvious there is no status in going to Colombia, she must stay safe, even though the world is safe. I do not see the big deal, Cuban are mostly Black, they are not European, just a mix of slaves and Spanish trying to be European.

Cuban Taxi to Airport