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Cuba Questions from Hidalgo

Mr. Hidalgo has many questions about Cuba. We sat in a small restaurant near the Champs de Mar Park here in Port-au-Prince last night and made a list of questions.

Distance to Cuba, and idea of round-trip air tickets cost to Havana:
Guatemala 300-350, Cancun 500 Dollars, Haiti 600, Colombia 700, Dominican Republic about 500, Miami is not possible, Canada? I do not know. Jamaica, probably an annoying way to go. Mexico City?

Port-au-Prince, Haiti - Ayiti - Wednesday, December 2, 2009
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Questions about Cuba

1. Does Mr. Hidalgo need a reservation or address of room in Cuba for immigration?

2. Can he use Dollars, or does he need Euros?

3. We read that GPS - Global Positioning Satellite devices are not allowed. I was going to lend him mine, but this could be a problem. What about Smartphones with GPS in them, this is just the same. It would really cost a person a lot of money to have a Smartphone like the Verizon Blackberry or HTC Touch Pro 2 confiscated.

4. What is not allowed to enter?

5. Will his bag be completely searched at immigrations?

6. Hoes does Mr. Hidalgo change money?

7. Do they monitor every move, is it like Russia where you must check in for every city and have a complete itinerary.

8. There is a lot of gossip; this nation is listed 48 on the HDI: Human Development Index that is issued from the United Nations. Haiti is 148, if this is so, why do people say?
“They do not have chewing gum.”
“They do not have toilet paper.”
“They are poor?”

There is some noisy gossip; I have to believe Cuba is misrepresented. How can a country be listed at 48 on the HDI, yet be portrayed as having many problems. Haiti has everything a person would want to buy; they just do not have money to purchase anything and everything.

I think there is “Travel Information Lag,” this happens on most countries. A person wrote about it 20 years ago, and there is still the same information being propagated in books, magazine and on the internet. Well, this is the reason Mr. Hidalgo is going to Cuba, to separate reality from gossip.

9. Copa Airlines sells tickets online, can an American purchase these tickets? It seems weird, and for sure, this would self-incriminate.

10. They say an American can go to Cuba; they just cannot spend money, is this true?

Cuba Questions