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Cuba Human Development Index 2009

The 2009 Human Development Index that compares the 192 Nation States of the United Nation defines Cuba as High Development. This index normally shows 179 of the 192 members, and has problem collecting data from all member countries. There are 252 countries on the planet, give or take 25 according to your definition of a country.

Cuba is 48 of 252 countries on the planet, this is very good.

Three Levels of Human Development

1 Iceland to 75 Bosnia and Herzegovina
76 Turkey to 153 Senegal
154 Nigeria to 179 Sierra Leone

Iceland is winning the top spot, however since their economy collapsed in the current economic situation, they will probably drop down. Sierra Leone wins the last spot, and it truly an advantageous situation for this country, all the member nations send them money.

Havana Habana Cuba Saturday, Sunday, December 6, 2009
By Andres Hidalgo with editing
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The list of the High development Nations.

My home country of Colombia is rated 80, and Haiti where I met with Andy is 148, therefore both were listed as Medium Human Development countries. Colombia is not at the bottom, but Cuba is still much better than Colombia.

I am envious of this country, but the cost of living is high for me, a person from Colombia, however Haiti was also expensive. I feel the tourist industries of the two countries are abusive, although there is more competition in Cuba for tourist money, while Haiti had no tourist. I wish Colombia would stop being defined as the Cocaine country; I would have greater freedom to travel the world. I am grateful I come from a rich family.

Cuba Human Development Index 2009