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Cuba Best Destination South of USA

: For Tourist
The majority of tourist groups travel to Central and South America to see Spanish Colonization Architecture. The goal is often to walk in the central parks, to see how the conquistadors built new civilizations. Typically, tour groups are dropped off in the Central Park, then allowed to go shopping in a nearby tourist markets.

There is a subclass of tourist who goes to beach resorts, wrapped up with studying Spanish.

Generally, all tourist groups are preoccupied with eating, drinking, sex, party and shopping, and all of this is easily available in Cuba.

Havana Habana Cuba Saturday, Wednesday, December 9, 2009
Centro Habana
By Andres Hidalgo with editing
Travel Gear

What does a travel agent need?

Countries where there is a minimal chance of being robbed, or attacked, whereby tourist will return home with no major complaints.

This is Cuba, the ideal location for a tour group.

Passive versus Aggressive Cultures

1. Cuba is almost 100 immigrants, there are no indigenous people.
2. The culture is mixed black and white ancestry, normally called Mulatto in Central in South America, however not in Cuba.
3. There is no mix of Spanish and Indigenous, normally called Mestizos.
4. Socialism is a system where the group is more important than the individual.

Immigration to USA

1. Several thousand Cubans immigrated during the 1930s.
2. Dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista, about 30,000.
3 After Castro’s takeover in 1959 to 1962, more than 200,000 people left Cuba for the United States.
4 125,000 more left Cuba on so-called freedom flights, daily flights from Havana to Miami between 1965 and 1973.
5. 125,000 in the summer of 1980 by the Mariel boat lift.
6. 20,000 Cuban are allowed annually to enter the USA.
- Encarta Encyclopedia

Refugees versus Immigrants
These people call themselves political refugees, not immigrants.

What a great place for tourism, the majority of truly clever, aggressive, and dominating type A personalities have all left the country. Including Che Guevara, this is 50 years of evolution towards a passive human animal, what a great place. As a man from Colombia, I can easily thrive in this culture, there is no competition.

Low Population Density

At 103 people per square Kilometer, this is one of the least populated locations from Mexico to Panama, from Colombia to Argentina. The Islands of the Caribbean average around 300, the country of Cuba is the larger of the Islands in this region. Cuba was the naval base used by Spain when they was conquering Central and South America, it is still strategically located, this coupled with passive people and low population makes it ideal for tourist.

Cigars, Cigarettes, Liquor, and Women

Communism or Socialistic values discouraged religion, the slow evolution towards a society where everyone is tolerant, however very little diversity, the equation for peace.

It is difficult, if not impossible for a fully aware person to be robbed in Cuba.

The best place to come, party, drink, and find women in a country south of the USA. A tourist can negotiate a room here for 10-15 US Dollars per night, live by the month on a Caribbean style island free of all the problems of the other islands. A great island socially designed and manipulated to be free of problems, this is paradise on earth. Nobody is willing to argue, they will all agree. For many strange reasons the locals wish to leave, therefore a foreigner man or women is in great demand, you will find yourself considered handsome or beautiful.

Cuba Best Destination South of USA