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Cuba Anti-American Propaganda

Castro is truly a genius in social engineering, this culture is clever.

There is a Cuban person in a USA Jail, it is not clear.

This man runs across the street, and points at the sign saying,
“Anti-American Propaganda.”

He was fun; he was willing to pose for this photo, Cuba is a great country for photos. It is obvious; the Cuban people are in love with people and the culture of the USA. Somehow, they completely separate the people from the government.

Can the government of the USA do something 100 percent opposite of the desires of the people?

Castro and Presidents of USA
1. John Fitzgerald Kennedy Democrat
2. Lyndon Baines Johnson Democrat
3. Richard Milhous Nixon Republican
4. Gerald Rudolph Ford Republican
5. James Earl Carter Democrat
6. Ronald Reagan Republican
7. George H. W. Bush Republican
8. William Jefferson Clinton Democrat
9. George W. Bush Republican

Nine Presidents of the USA have refused to become friends with Cuba, refused to lower the economic sanctions. This is a curious situation, intriguing to say the least, These two countries have disagreed for almost 50 years. Why, it takes two people to argue, or does it take just one?

Luis, the owner of the Casa Particulare said,
“Obama will stop the sanctions.”

Too much fun… The one is the problem, never the group.

Whatever the case, the Cuban people are eating well, and living better than the majority of the people on planet earth; they are listed by the United Nations as High Development. This is a wealthy nation, putting in their time, waiting for the USA to come back.

Cuba Anti-American Propaganda


Andres, you are doing a very good job blogging for Andy in Cuba. Writing style simple and to the point! Ideas are what count.

More pictures of your room, the food you buy, etc. would be nice. Why not try negotiating for different rooms to see how the owners respond to a budget traveler?

Also pics of average cubans socializing or in groups.