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Conversations the Number One Travel Enjoyment

I find myself searching for good conversations, inevitable the true reason I stay longer in one location than another comes down to one thing: I was having good conversations.

Photo of a conversation in East Timor with a group of Australian Soldiers.
Australian Soldiers

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Wednesday, March 3, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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Finding Good Conversations
Yes, going to war zones is a good way to have great conversations, but this is risky, is adventuresome, and not for the prime time travelers, but exactly what I like to do.

I spent two months in Haiti, it was a conversation vacuum, there were many conversations, but truly on the third grade level. Mainly because I did not speak Creole, and my French was not good enough to use with a person who mixes Creole and French together. When I arrived in Sosua, first thing that happened, I sat at the common table at Rockies Hotel and Restaurant and had a good conversation. I was hooked, I needed this, it was not a want, I knew I emotionally needed some good English conversations.

Sosua English Conversations are Best
I have visited some of the better Expat hangouts on planet earth, I find Sosua to be maybe the best, if you want to have diversified knowledge interjected into the conversation. Thailand is full of Alcoholics and the Philippines is full of Soldiers, not always the most educated. Hong Kong and Singapore is more about being somebody, a status statement, not just good fun. Iquitos Peru has some good conversations, and one of the better locations. Generally, sitting around in a Hostel somewhere can be fun, but the new generation of youth feels as if I am having a conversation with gays, they arrived to planet earth confused.

I am going to start going over to Cabarete here, the average age and body weight is half of Sosua, a more positive feeling, the youth are on the up hill part of life, while Sosua is on the downhill part of life.

Too Busy
Generally, any person that says to me, I am too busy, instantly is removed from my list of possible new friends, if you are too busy to have conversations, I know friendship, which is dependant on a conversation is not possible.

Sosua Expats are Best Girls are Worst
The conversation with Expats in Sosua is maybe the best on the planet. The conversations with the Girls here is the worst. 95 percent of the women who pass by my apartment are hard-core prostitutes, there are even a few white girls from Russia or somewhere, I am not sure. The Haiti girls working here on their backs are good fun, they speak English and have great stories.

Difficult People Conversations
Difficult people are fun, they are full of rage, there are always ready to over-heat, the conversations turn into arguments whenever I wish, whether they are prodding, provoking or looking for an argument, difficult people are enjoyable. I do not walk around on egg shells for anyone, this is too stressful.

I remember a conversation in Iquitos Peru, the man started screaming at me, I will never forget it, I just sat there and listened, truly rage at work.

Youth are full of Rage
The young people between the ages of 18 and 30 are rage infested animals, they do not know who they are, and they want to tell me I have not right to be me…. Oops, I think it is one of them inalienable rights, the right to be me. You can see this in comments on this Journal, a person will say,
"You do not have the right."

Truly, people who believe another person does not have the right to say something is about as stupid as a brick, and full of rage, truly a person who needs put in away in jail, a dangerous person. I do not have to agree with you, but you have the right to your beliefs and I have the right to say you are not the type of person I avoid.

Wading Through Conversations
I am getting tired of talking to myself…

But eventually a professional traveler or a perpetual traveler is going to have to admit to himself or herself, we go searching for conversations. I know when I go to Africa, readers can get irritated, they are saying to me, or themselves.
"I do not want to talk with Black African people."
I never can understand this, but I guess it is ok, I do not want to talk with Tourist, they call themselves tourist and I think the Black African people are better conversationalist.

How to Find Conversations?
I wish I could just say, go here and you will be happy. I know if I talked to a person over the telephone, I could qualify their needs, and help point them to the correct locations. Take for example my Mother and Father, they go to Church on Sunday, drive slow, and live in town of 400 people in the middle of farmland Indiana. Sosua is over the edge, off the wall, full of Rogue people who are shady; they would be like fresh meat to the lions, not a good place for naïve good people from Indiana to come.

Sosua, a Sunny Spot for Shady People
Shady people are fun, providing you do not become shady with them, nothing is more interesting than to talk with shady people. I remember being in Panajachel, Guatemala and talking to a couple of big boys. I asked pointedly what they did, they avoided a couple of times, and then one of the men said,
"We are mercenaries in Kazakhstan."
I thought to myself,
"Hmm, some good fun now."

The essential ingredient of a great conversation is that the other person is almost completely opposites than yourself. The danger of these conversations is that you change into another person, often losing yourself in the conversation literally.

Concentration of Conversations
Unfortunately, the best way to find many people who are ready to talk, who are not too busy, who are rogues, different and full of interesting topics is to find the women. If you want to find the Rhett Butler types, the Gone with the Wind, tearing down or building up of society people, you need to find the Brothels. Remember how Brett in the movie Gone with the Wind hung around with those shady women, he had his shadow, the other side. Well, there is the shadow, if you find the shadows, the sunny spots for shady people, and you can be tempted all you want, or in the end, have some interesting conversations.

Generally, those who cannot talk with shady people do not have faith; there is a storm of rage, frustrations, temptations and fantasies in the back of their mind. However, if you have faith, remember to do the next good thing, stop being a jerk, you can walk into the shadow and not be afraid. However, remember when you get to the edge of the planet,
"There be Dragons."

If your intuition tells you not to go, and you go, your shadow is ruling your life.

Conversations the Number One Travel Enjoyment