Continental Breakfast Ideas

My friend Mark ate a continental breakfast yesterday, we both looked at the breakfast served here on Lake Atitlan and said,
"Maybe they do not know the idea of a continental breakfast?"

Which plate is the Continental Breakfast?

I started to comment on the continental breakfast, then I felt somewhat vulnerable, I have been to enough countries to know ideas or interpretations change from country to country.

Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Monday, April 12, 2010
By Andy Graham of


Which plate is the Continental Breakfast, the one on the left of the right?

Do you have continental breakfast ideas? What is a continental breakfast?

What is Mark thinking?

I googled Continental Breakfast and the best explanation:

"Q: What does "Continental Breakfast" mean?
A: It means you're hungry by 10:30."
--- Continental Breakfast Defined

Do you have Continental Breakfast Ideas? What was Mark saying and thinking?
"Can you believe this, they are giving me all this."

Both plate were included in the Continental Breakfast, we both said at the same time, these Guatemalan people do not understand the idea of a continental breakfast.

Continental Breakfast Ideas


This is the $million question... or the 3 Euro question.
Things I have been given in a 'continental breakfast':
Yoghurt, sometimes with museli
eggs, in various forms, including omlette
all manner of fruits
a thing the menu called 'hash brown' which was, from what i could work out, small potatoes sautéed with chilli, onion, tomato, paprika and cumin (joint-worst breakfast item ever)
cereals, including porridge
butter, jam, marmalade
orange juice
apple juice

From what I can tell, the closest to a constant is that it will involve some kind of bakery item and coffee. I've come to think of a croissant, orange juice and espresso as the best continental breakfast. However, the buffet in a hostel in Prague contained all of the above for about 50p extra per night, and there was enough there that i did not require any food again until evening.

Page Turner

In the USA we go to Comfort Inn and they tell us it is breakfast, boiled egg, toast, waffles,syrup, biscuit and gravy, fresh fruit, dry cereal, milk, orange juice, coffee and sweet rolls. We go to Howard Johnson and we have continental breakfast, dry cereal, milk, toast, juice,perhaps a banana, maybe a bago and sweet rolls and coffee. Oh yes, I forgot the jam or jelly in both places. The price for both motels is about the same but guess which motel your dad wants to stay in. I really think fresh fruit, toast, dry cereal, milk, juice, coffee and sweet rolls is continental breakfast


hehe maybe the trick is the name... 'Continental'... which continent do you think of?
As a Brit, I assume it means 'the European mainland'. Maybe we're all meant to default to where we are.


I think the problem is you never asked then which continent.