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Computer Problem Using Verizon HTC Touch Pro 2

I got the blue screen,I turned off. then it did the constant flicker. I removed battery,removed hard drive, removed RAM, cleaned and reset trying to seat more positively.

The computer would not boot. waited while it processed,then after a couple of forced shut offs it started and said,
"Startup Repair."

"Do you want to restore?"
I said yes.

I am scared, three new variables of possible problems.

1. Generator and low voltage.
2. Played a DVD movie from Philipines last night.
3. Shaking in Tap Tap public transport.

I am on the Verizon HTC Touch Pro 2 with Global Data Plan. I can post reports over this if my computer is dead. Thd HTC has a qwerty keyboard and camera.

On a hope and a prayer here in Haiti,the good Gods always finds a path for a Hobo like me.

Les Cayes.Haiti Wednesday, November 11, 2009