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Come to Ghana and visit with Bah and Andy

2011-04-03 03:15:22

I will be in Ghana for 60 more days, or until May 31, 2011, this is a great time to come visit with Bah and me. Seldom in my 13 years of perpetual travel could I guarantee that I would be in one country or destination this long. However, due to the war in Ivory Coast, writing a book, and other factors, I can guarantee I will be inside Ghana. It is a small country, they speak passable English and the transportation is good.

There is about zero tourists in Ghana because of the requirement of that people have a Visa prior to coming, truly a tourist stopper.

This company can assist you in getting a Visa to Ghana:

Briggs Office in Washington D.C. USA
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Christian Genocide soon in Ivory Coast
Right or wrong, both leaders in Cote d’Ivoire a.k.a. Ivory Coast war are committing crimes against humanity. It appears the forces of Laurent Gbagbo the prior president who refused to step down will soon have his forces defeated by Alassane Ouattara the recognized winner of the election by the world.

The Islamic north of Ivory Coast backs Alassane Ouattara and soon nothing stopping them from mass murder and retribution against all the Gbagbo supporters. Alassane Ouattara has closed all the borders and the Gbagbo supporters are trapped, there is no escape. The United Nations soldiers are protecting Alassane Ouattara on one side, while outside there are death squads running around the country.

There are no true reporters inside the country; the majority of reports are just hearsay, propaganda given to the press by Alassane Ouattara supporters.

Regardless of who is right or wrong in this situation, the USA needs to fly in large groups of Special Forces to help the United Nations and French forces stop genocide.

Amnesty International Report
31 March 2011
"Côte d’Ivoire civilians are at immediate risk of massive human rights violations Amnesty International warned today, as forces loyal to Alassane Ouattara reach the country’s commercial capital Abidjan."

"Abidjan is on the brink of a human right catastrophe and total chaos" said Salvatore Saguès, Amnesty International’s researcher on West Africa."
RTI Ivory Coast State television is Broadcasting
The RTI television is used by Gbagbo for his own personal propaganda is broadcasting as of 9:00 am on Sunday, April 3, 2011. Bah called a friend inside Ivory Coast to check, when this television station stops broadcasting it will indicate the force of Gbagbo are defeated.

Ghana, West Africa --- Sunday, April 3, 2011

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The Simpson’s are from Springfield
I am always amazed what knowledge an Ivory Coast girl possesses, when talking with Bah about Indiana, she asked,
"Where is Springfield?"
"This is where the Simpson’s are from."


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Come to Ghana and visit with Bah and Andy