Colored Carpet Runners

2010-04-03 10:22:47

Photos and video of beautiful colored carpet runners are being used in celebrate Semaa Santa in Guatemala, Easter is being celebrated in Panajachel, Guatemala

Semana Santa the Holy Week. - Easter

Carpets are "Alfombras" in the Spanish language; see the video below for a better view of these temporary carpets decorations in the streets of Guatemala.

Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Saturday, April 3, 2010
By Andy Graham of


Decorating the colored carpets in Guatemala for Easter Week, maybe this is version of Easter Flowers with a twist. Alfombras is the word to use if you truly want to research this tradition.

Generally, the Alfombras or Carpets are like "Carpet Runners," the path leading you to the door of a friend or the church. This is in Panajachel, Guatemala up the hill towards the market.

I am intrigued with the amount of work spent by the Guatemalan culture in preparation for Semana Santa the Holy Week. - Easter. I am fully aware I cannot work my way to heaven by good deeds; however, there must be some reward for creating things of beauty. Maybe it the satisfaction of knowing we are good, providing I do not allow people to observe, keeping the left hand out of view of the right hand.

Carpet Runners in Guatemala

The Catholic Church in Panajachel, Guatemala on Lake Atitlan. Guatemala is slowly being converted to Protestant versions of Christianity. There must be some goal of the Missionaries to convert Catholics to Protestants, as best I can figure out, everyone in Guatemala are already Christians, more than the USA, yet a steady stream of Missionaries enter Pana daily.

These carpet runners have many colors, truly interesting to view, if I am in Guatemala again on Easter, I am going to take great care to watch the streets and observe the locals creating these colored carpet runners.

Video Below

If you do not see a video above these words, it is because you are reading by email, click here and maybe you can find it: Videos
Video Above

I will not make any presumptions I know how they make these carpets, although I am feel sure that sawdust is the dominant material used in modern Guatemalan culture. Cultures change, adapt and utilize easier methods, although many people try to keep cultures in the dark ages.

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Colored Carpet Runners

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