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Colombia Airplane to Bogota

Colombia Airplane
I had a first yesterday as my plane did not land in Bogotá because of bad weather, it went to Cali, Colombia and we sat for one-half hour, then took off and landed in Bogotá after the weather subsided. It took an extra hour and one half maybe, so not a huge problem, however if I would have been on a short jump it would have been faster to take the bus. I think any trip less than two hour and the bus is probably quicker, however not as comfortable. Checking into airports takes too long and they are very seldom convenient, and now they are placing them at least one hour away from a city so they have room to grow.

This little girl was standing on the arm of the plane seat, her clothes were very proper and stylish, the mix of traveler on the plane was compiled of mostly older Colombians, however who would be going to Guayaquil, Ecuador to visit, not high on the list of places to visit on the planet.

Notice the small TV screens on the back of the seats; this is the newest or best way to watch movies or shows on the planes. Only about one in ten has this feature, however it is nice, because you can choose from around ten movies and start when you wish, each person controls the movies, however the controls are very difficult to use, and extremely confusing. Part of a phone that can be used with a credit card to make telephone calls from the plane.

This is Cecelia from Chile, the LanChile Airline Stewardess that stood and talked with me for about 10 minutes while we were on the ground in Cali. Nice girl and friendly, however the Chile accent is one of the worst as they shoot bullets when they talk and there is no melody to their speech. Chile is one of the worst forms of Spanish you can learn, about like learning in Barcelona, Spain. Colombia has good Spanish to learn.

I suppose every man thinks it is his duty to talk with the airline Stewardess, therefore I asked her for her email address, however she would not give me her, however she took mine. Who knows why, or what this means, however she is in control.


This photo is of the plane coming down to land in Bogotá, Colombia. It you look closely you will see large areas of plastic or glass. These are green houses; they do the same in Quito, Ecuador. The sun is very good in Bogotá or Quito however these cities are very high above sea level and cold. The green houses protect the plants from possible frost I am sure and utilize the great sun of the tropics.

Bogotá is 2640 meters or about 8660 feet above sea level, anything above above about 1000 meters and you may need a coat anywhere in the world at night.