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Cocoa 2005 or Chocolate

2005-05-16 07:49:00

7:11 am Monday May 16, 2005

There is a tree by the name of the Cacao Tree. Cocoa and / or Chocolate is processed from the seeds.

In the markets, they sell square cakes of cacao, this is probably more for cooking. The cacao cannot be eaten in this fashion as it is not chocolate, it is more or a bitter type substance. I have not found good Chocolate in South America only in Europe and the USA.

The best place I know to eat Chocolate is in Spain as the Chocolate is cheap and plentiful; however for sure other countries have many varieties however diminishes the pleasure because of extreme expense.

They are drying the seeds in the sun, the same as coffee beans,

These boys are lying in their hammocks and watching television, this room smells like fermentation or possibly rotting fruit.

Although you may think this is some form of serious or educational experience to learn about the Cocoa or Cacao this to the locals is more of a laugh. They enjoy me taking photos, however about the same as if a city boy wanted to take a photo of a cow in Indiana. Nobody would be serious and laugh, they consider me the naïve city person.

Similar to how city people also would look or think in converse when they talk about the farmers.

This makes learning about Cocoa, Bananas or any farm crop difficult. It is an arduous task to meander through the cultural bias and preconceptions that are roadblocks to learning. Either they show me what they think a tourist wants to see or they show me what makes them money. I endeavor to find the proper way to approach people of the world so they present reality without interpretations of me or of themselves, however what we are looking at, the best people do not wish to talk with me.