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Clarion Hotel La Guardia Airport New York 129.73

2009-10-30 05:52:35

I paid for the most expensive one-day Hotel reservation of my life yesterday; it is costing me 129.73 U.S. Dollars. What a painful experience, I normally pay less than 25 US globallly, and truly I am happiest when I pay five dollars per night. I once lived in Five Star Hotels daily for four months, the company I worked for paid, I do have experience with expensive Hotels.

I am obeying the Prime Directive of Travel.

Clarion Hotel across from La Guardia Airport in New York City.

Orland, Indiana - United States of America - Friday, October 30, 2009
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I have a problem with sciatica in my back, it is feeling lots better, yet the last thing I want to do is walk around in New York City with a heavy backpack and injure it, I spent way too long in the Philippines allowing it to heal.

New York is center of the modern world, not a cheap and easy place to enter and leave. I had to think about this a long time, if I lived in one of the cheap Hostels costing between 20 and 50 US dollars near 45th street where I having the meeting. It would be convenient to the meeting, yet difficult trip with my backpack to the Hostel. I opted to stay right across from La Guardia Airport to minimize carrying the backpack. I can then travel into the city to the meeting in an enjoyable manner, without a care in the world.

Now, I still have to worry about check in and check out, in the normal world check in is about 11-12, and they are saying I cannot check in to 1500 or 3:00 pm, I arrive at 11:00 am, I hope they are nice. I assume they are nicer people than Hostel managers, they tend to be Hostile. I am also supposed to check out at 11:00 am, but my plane leaves at 9:00 pm. I hope they allow me to store my bags somewhere while I am at the meeting.

I feel like I am caught in the middle of a rulebook, truly this is the hard part about the developed world; there are way too many rules. I had to ask myself, how much I am willing to pay to deal with the hassles of New York; I decided it was worth the extra 80 dollars to avoid New York as much as possible…. I will enjoy New York more if I am not carrying two Backpacks.

There is a correct way to enter all cities and countries; sometimes the best way to obey the Prime Directive of Travel is pay at the most enjoyable level.

I used Kayak.com to find the Hotel.

Clarion Hotel La Guardia Airport New York 129.73

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