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Cite Soleil was my Haiti Letdown

I am in an emotional vacuum, it feels about the same as lying in a bed, you know, yes, that feeling of loss after a three to four days drinking binge. (Christmas-New Years is over.) It is called detox at the alcoholic rehab Hospital. I cannot see the future, there is no hope. My friend was the hope of some excitement here in Haiti; I have no reason to be here. Cite Soleil was the supposed to be a walk on the wild side; the neighborhood I live in is more dangerous.

No Risk, No Rush

Port-au-Prince, Haiti --- Tuesday, December 29, 2009
By Andy Graham of
Travel Gear

In a normal Travel Story, the writer that would validate or authenticate, there was an adventure. I included a couple of photos, but I am not going to feed you.

Yes, Mathew almost got in a fight with a drunk, we did not need to go to Cite Soleil for this, in fact, and I often felt like beating up a drunk, by the name of Mathew.

Readers Expectations
For me, the high is always before, not during these excursions into confusion. Everything is clear during, and after the fact, I know what happened, it was the anticipation that was fun. Now, yes, I am positive, some readers truly do want me to die, or get hurt, I am not kidding myself, this is their rush. I know and understand the basic human need to feel a power rush by watching strong people get hurt. The world wants leaders to fall; they wanted George W. Bush to drop into a hole. Well, he did not, and will not, and will maintain the course. I am not going to die, get hurt, do something stupid, I am a survivor, bottom line. I take calculated risk, analyze, I keep situational awareness at peak levels.

I am angry, what is wrong with the world, I suppose I know on hindsight, yes hindsight is 20/20.

Photos Above

I took the two photos above at a Canal between the Champs de Mar and La Saline, this is not a slum; it is where the people of Haiti throws their trash. This is the normal city situation in Port-au-Prince; the city of Cite Soleil was much cleaner. Please try to realize, with these types of Photos, I could make it appears horrible, it was not.

In my guess, we walked about three kilometers towards Cite Soleil. Then we boarded a TapTap at a circle with a statue, Mathew called La Saline. I do not think we walked to La Saline, but I am sure we walked at least 3-4 kilometers, and almost there. I remember well, I wanted to slap Mathew. He is very manipulative, he says he wanted to save me money, and do me a favor. Truly he wanted to keep me confused, and dependent up his crap advice. When you are with poor people, they want this, they want you tied to them, both emotional and mentally. It becomes a battle of wits. Dumb, and dumber, this is often the way in poor countries like Haiti.

I have enjoyed my visit, I am ready to leave, and never come back. Countries are about people, and there must be a way to communicate with them, I am not going to learn Creole so I can talk with 11 million people, just not worth the time of day.

Do you see the date inside my post; it is above next to the Vote to send Andy graphic. There is an incredibly important reason for this; all information about a destination is time sensitive. What was maybe a problem in Cite Soleil five years ago is not a problem today. A reader should be able to know, when, where, what, why, how and how much to be called Ethical. Each post should not be dependent upon prior or future post, they must stand alone, I have problem with this, but I continue to work on the problem.

I always loose the majority of readers on the essential, critical, pivotal knowledge I try to explain. However, there is the one that truly understands, and that is all that is needed.

What was a problem in Cite Soleil, was a problem five year ago, the NGO’s are now just milking money from the situation.

What is happening with, people are finding old stories of mine, and trying to ingratiate tweet them, I am predicting a crash and burn for in the next year or two.

Map that shows La Saline, and Cite Soleil.

Cite Soleil was my Haiti Letdown


I learnt a very useful lesson this year: DO NOT BUY USED TRAVEL GUIDES.

I buy many books second-hand because it is often much cheaper than new. And for sure, with novels it does not matter, and with most theology books it does not matter, because the content in the books has not been revised for maybe a couple of centuries or decades. "There is nothing new under the sun."

Except when I turn up in Prague 2009 with a Prague 2005 travel guide which was completely useless. I live in London, and my thought is 'how much has london changed in the last 4 years I have lived here?' Not so much, I thought, but then I wasn't paying attention to detail because it is happening every hour around me.

The maps, especially of the transport system of Prague were completely wrong. It seems they have undergone massive 'urban development' in the last 4 years, especially in the northern quarters of the city where my cheap new hotel was (should have clocked that clue).

All of which is a rambling way of saying Thank You for the datestamp. I have learnt the hard way, or the inconvenient way, that out-of-date information can be a very big problem.


This post is vintage Andy. Ambiguous, provocative and interesting!

What did you mean by this?

"What is happening with, people are finding old stories of mine, and trying to ingratiate tweet them, I am predicting a crash and burn for in the next year or two."


Poverty Tourism, I came to Haiti to see slums. The biggest is not a slum, I feel betrayed.

This country does not have the poverty it says it does. I can find 10 times worst in the Philippines.

Haiti let me down, I have no reason to be here. at least not priority one.