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Cite Soleil Haiti is Fun

I just returned from the highly anti-climatic location of Cite Soleil. The USA had it Levittown, Haiti has a Cite Soleil. This city in Haiti is highly organized, with streets, curbs, sewers, water, and electricity.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti --- Monday, December 28, 2009
By Andy Graham of
Travel Gear

It has all the same characteristics of Port-au-Prince, street venders, people walking around, with half the traffic, and half the chaos. Cite Soleil is on a flat stretch of land, maybe about a 500 acres city laid out in grid, the streets have curbs, with brick roads.

What makes it fun; you can easy walk around on the streets without worrying about the cars. Port-au-Prince is built on rolling hills; a person is walking either up, or down a hill, full of poorly designed streets, without the capacity for the density of humans living here. While Cite Soleil is organized, I cannot call this a slum, somewhat of a shantytown, but even that definition is weak. The use of corrugated steel is always a mistake, when it rust, the color amplifies the look of a city. About the same a when there is red clay streets, the dust makes it look worst than it really is, Cite Soleil is organized.

I debate in my head constantly; I often feel the Philippines is in worst shape, the water here is a lot better quality.

I took many photos, made two or three videos; it was a fun day, other than the normal Mathew problems. It would be easy to say I did not need him, but I know that now, I did not know that before. He almost got in a fight with a man who was drinking, Mathew has the small man complex, and I am not sure, he cannot seem to talk Creole with many of the locals. He can a mystery, sometimes, other times he cannot.

More to come, I am fine, life is easy, and fun in Cite Soleil, I am back on Rue Lamarre in Port-au-Prince in the old part of town.

Cite Soleil, Haiti is Fun