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Churnalism of Medical Tourism

Churnalism of Medical Tourism

“the trend towards this form of journalism involves reporters becoming more reactive and less proactive in searching for news - "You get copy coming in on the wires and reporters churn it out, processing stuff and maybe adding the odd local quote. It's affecting every newsroom in the country and reporters are becoming churnalists.”
- BBC journalist Waseem Zakir has been credited for coining the term churnalism
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Major Medical Tourism Locations list 23 countries as the top Medical Tourism destinations, in a perfect world a person would go visit the Doctors and Hospitals in all these countries, then make the decision.

I feel you purchase a culture.

I have been to 20 of the 23 countries; I have not been to UAE, New Zealand and the Czech Republic.

1. Israel
2. Jordan
3. UAE - NO
4. Brazil
5. Canada
6. Cuba
7. Mexico
8. Panama
9. United States
10. Uruguay
11. China
12. Hong Kong
13. India
14. Korea, Republic of
15. Malaysia
16. New Zealand - NO
17. Philippines
18. Singapore
19. Taiwan
20. Thailand
21. Czech Republic - NO
22. Poland
23. Turkey

Bauang - Paringao - San Fernando, Philippines
La Union Province
Southeast Asia
Sunday, September 6, 2009
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I received a comment that made me think, and makes me “frustrated angry.” How can I explain anything to an audience who has already made up their minds? I am 100 percent positive, I have visited, lived, and experienced more countries and cultures than almost any person reading this. I have visited 20 of the top 23 listed countries for Medical Tourism.

COMMENT on post X-ray of Femur

“mary said on Friday September 4th, 2009 06:34:03 PM


For a person that "supposedly", knows allot about Thailand, and India

‘ I Wonder why you know so little about there med tourism , its much much bigger then the Philippines and much better.

For a traveler that really seems not to like the philippines you sure are spending alot of time there. WHY?? Could YOU become one of the over weight, gal chasing expats ? maybe you found a home.



I have a love-hate relationship with the Philippines, a long-term reader knows this. I am here in the Philippines hiding in a Resort working on a very high-speed internet system. At the end of the day, I am the owner of a 13 Million-page Travel site, and this is more important than my Blog, it is called

Diagnose in Philippines, surgery in Thailand
As best I can figure out, the majority of Medical Tourist are diagnosed in the USA or their home country and the surgery or work is performed in a country they choose.

Mary or Jery makes a good point, maybe I should consider Thailand for surgery...

As of right now, the Doctor Barnebe in Lorma Hospital is recommending I get exploratory surgery. He wants to put me under anesthesia, cut open my back and look at the lump. He then needs to make decision, is this fat, nerves, or a muscle bundle. If it nerves he would then call in a neural surgeon.

My thought was, I will just get a Neural Surgeon and forget him, so I am in the process of choosing a neural surgeon. However, we both agreed to take a month off and allow it to repair, if it is a muscle bundle it could almost disappear in this time.

The bottom line with readers is they are not me, they have not visited 20 countries, they do not personally know cultures from the bottom to the top. They read the journalist opinions and follow the leaders, the Churnalism of Medical Tourism information is maybe 99 percent of writers.

I truly do not believe any one person has traveled to 20 of the 23 three possible countries to get an overview of the cultures.

Bottom line in my opinion, I my best choice for surgery on planet earth would be Germany and the worst would be… “Niger, West Africa.”

Philippines for Diagnose, Thailand for Surgery and no India doctors are going to touch my Body. Doctor Hadawi in Bloomington, Indiana is the reason I am here right now, because my left femur is not straight and he kept telling me it was in “perfect alignment.”

I am calling up one of my best friends, a Doctors, Jeff W in the USA, and will soon learn how much to have the surgery in the USA. Hmm,
I called him, it does not look promising, one of my best friends and a never-ending list of we need this, we need that, I do not know, in my head I want to say, “who does?”

Read this and if you understand this cultural joke than you the right path to making decision about medical tourism.

Heaven is Where ~
The Police are British,
The Chefs are Italian,
The Mechanics are German,
The Lovers are French
It’s all organized by the Swiss.

Hell is Where ~
The Police are German,
The Chefs are British,
The Mechanics are French,
The Lovers are Swiss
It’s all organized by the Italians.

Churnalism of Medical Tourism


Boy Genius from India has worked for me for five years, and now is a part owner of

I have been to 85 countries.
India is by far the dirtiest and grimiest country I have visited.

I have had over 15 people from India work for me.

Generally the culture of India does the minimums, not the maximums. Their culture is about doing less than asked for, not more than asked for. They pride themselves in being clever and appearing smart, not in truly being smart. They are willing to lie to you endlessly trying to convince you they are doing it good.

Bottom line, this is what Doctor Hadawi did to a 23 old boy, he tried to convince me my leg was in perfect alignment. I was in trauma and lied.

This is the culture of India.

People think they are good at Internet, they have a billion people and they have a few very good people. They are ten times better at math than the Philippines people.

But, at the end of the day, I do not trust any Doctor that is not German.

A person is stupid to trust an Indian doctor, especially in India without great collaboration that he is telling the truth.


Commenting on the rather cruel (yet getting more common from the younger "entitled" generation in "developed" world) comment from "mary" on 4th of september. If one does not like someplace, nor teh lifestyle of those who live or work there, go someplace else. I have been an ex pat for 23 years, traveled for 3 years off and on before that and have ran into many mary's and joe's who think they are saving teh world by belitting other people tehy do not even know, some of these people are suffering mentally or physically becasuse they chose to serve their country and were ordered to go into harm's way.
When I was ex pat in Guatemala in the 1980s and early 1990s our response to such people, many of "trust fund babies" who had never worked a day in their lives was "When you start paying my bills, HONEY, all of em then I'll jump for you and ask you how high on the way up" till then.....(Then we would put our fingers in our ears and turn our backs to the person and walk away) better to ignore than argue with a "walking wall".
Hope you get some relief there for your Dad, is there anyone who can bring his scrips to Canada and buy meds there, or can you ship meds to him?
I got prostate problems, can't ride teh chicken buses anymore!
Don Lee


Jery, thanks for the great comment, I know the majority of readers are looking for a travel guide view of the world. This is the wrong place, I have been to 85 countries and almost 12 years, I have never stayed in one city longer than three months. My goal is not to educate you, it is to explain my personal experiences.

Jery, I am happy you are taking responsibility for your actions, I did not insult you by writing, you insulted yourself by continuing to read and make assinine comments. If you do not like reading, then don't, this is insanely simple.

Of course all readers are not interested in my going to the Hospital in another country, but I know there is ONE person reading how does not have money, who has a killer problem, one he or she can die from. Right now I am explaining this for this epic in my travels.

People hate when I go to Africa, they are not planning a vacation to Africa. Then it is more for the National Geographic travelers, not for the Conde Nast group.

It is for the endlessly curious who truly want to talk about anything, not just travel. Travel is the theme, but more correctly would be me living and traveling.

Maybe I should have a big Icon with a red diagonal red line through it, saying no Conde Nast Readers allowed. The bad part, I have not been in the USA for 11 years long enough to know which Magazines are not my readers..

Which magazine represents only:
1. Sale of tours.
2. Rosy colored glass view of the planet.
3. Where poor people are good.
4. Where all the people you ever meet traveling love you.

This is the magazine that I need to say,
"Readers not allowed."

I truly want readers to enjoy reading, but the ones who do not should leave as fast as they can, there is no reason to give me a chance, it just is not relevant to my happiness or money situation.

I make people writing, this is truly an enigma to me, there is nothing simpler than clicking away... everyone thinks the world needs to know they are angry.