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Chubby Cuban Women

I want to call this photo,
“My Cuba.”

Finally, I saw smiles on the faces of Cuban people. These four women clustered together as we walked in Central Habana and demanded we take their photo.

Havana Habana Cuba Saturday, Monday, December 7, 2009
By Andres Hidalgo with editing
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This man is smoking a cigar, relaxed, open, and easy to talk.

Maybe I can look at the smiles, but I am looking at the souls of these average Cuban people and they are happy. Yesterday, I was happy to see smiling faces, I am living near the Hotel Melia Cohiba area of Vedado, it is depressing.

This is either in the Centro Habana or Habana Vieja, there is no sign telling you when you are leaving one area and entering another.

I believe the girls above know they are fat, know they are happy, and do not care. The Cuban people love to have their photos taken. I was in Haiti for about five days with Andy, the Haiti people were more beautiful than Cuban, however are difficult to photo. I think I want to call this photo “My Cuba,” not because Cubans are fat, beautiful or intelligent. Moreover, because they believe they are handsome and smart, and this belief is infectious. A person believes he or she is trendy, therefore all their friends also agree.

I walked up to the eighth floor of the Melia Cohiba yesterday to meet my Norwegian friends. As we walked down to the swimming pool, I said,
“The maid is gorgeous.”
My Norwegian friend looked at me as if I was crazy. We got to the elevator, she forgot something and we needed to go back to the room. As we walked by the girl, this time she looked at the girl close, I said,
“Her face is perfect, thin, smooth, a soft black color.”
The Norwegian girl dismissed the conversation in as a frumpy way would, as we need to ignore the special common people.

Many Cuban people are fashionably dress, the house cleaner was in a uniform, behind the cart, and all we could see was her face. I think my Norwegian friend saw the situation, the social status, I saw the person.

Cuba is a very rich country, and people dress like overweight people from Miami. The people with more Spanish blood have droopy face, longer noses, and slouch. People of European descent look older, weaker, while the people here of African decent look younger, but get fat quick, there is no stopping genetics.

Cuba is like Brazil, Venezuela or Argentina, the majority of people are so so, but when you have one beautiful girl, she can be exceptional. I am happy the girls of my Colombia are on average, much better looking, we seem to have the proper mix of African, Indigenous and Spanish. There are many Italians here; I am trying to see how this influences this new race called Cubans.

Chubby Cuban Women


I would like to ask your writer to re think his comments about the fat women in Cuba. Those ladies are not fat, they are very curvey and look very healthy. Not one of them looks fat and lazy which is what you would think after reading his comments. Look how firm and sexy their calves and asses look. Plus they are glowing with pride in theselves. Which is very attractive. These gals rock.