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Christmas Moonshine Haiti 2009

I use alcohol as fuel to cook in my room. I also use as a quick way to clean my body. In dire moments, when I know I stink, I wipe down the armpits. Now I smell, I had to think about it, I know this smell, what is it, yes, I know this smell, it is moonshine.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti --- Friday, December 25, 2009
By Andy Graham of
Travel Gear

I was using moonshine in Togo, West Africa for cooking; it works ok, but not good. Well, the other day I purchased a different brand of alcohol, it said,
“95 percent Alcohol.”

I was happy because it said 95, when it is 75 percent, it does not work well, when above 80 and it does ok, but 95 should be great. This new bottle was not. When it is 95, you do not put a match to it, you throw the match. You must be careful or you lose your eyebrows. I was having trouble, I could smell it, what is that smell, it is the smelled of moonshine. I have found many stills in my 11-12 years of travel, now that I know the smell of them I can find them faster. However, I did not want to smell moonshine from store bought alcohol, I wanted hardcore, 95 percent alcohol. What I purchased was glorified moonshine; it was not the good stuff.

They have a lot of sugar cane here, alcohol is plentiful, now I am doing more observing, I am watching the locals. I believe they are walking drinking my cooking fuel. I have to admit, this is a cheap drunk, and a person could get falling down plastered for less than 50 cents US, buying the store bought moonshine.

I have two bottles now and I am experimenting, one is truly 95 percent, the other is full of it, it is really just heavy-duty moonshine and about 75-80 percent, it is not good for cooking. I suspect it is really for drinking, disguised as rubbing alcohol.

Well, last night was Christmas Eve, the noise level became worst than normal, I suspect the cheap alcohols sold in the super market is being used.

They are using my stove fuel for drinking. Haiti people are not big drinkers, I suspect the rich people are, but the poorer ones seem to stay off the cooking fuel. I am not sure, every man I know that speaks English, also drinks. A strange correlation, this is not the reason to learn English.

A Bob Marley wanna be walked by the Hotel, he had a big white off-the-shelf bottle of alcohol in his pocket. I did my best to not be introduced to him, I seem to have forgotten French, Spanish and English, it is convenient to forget how to speak sometimes.

They are having fun, not causing too much problems, however holidays overseas are good times to hide in the room and hope they pass.

My mother asked me one time,
“What do you do in Mexico on Christmas?”
“I hide in my room, while the Mexicans get drunk for three days and blow off firecrackers.”

I am truly glad Mexico does not have a lot of Sugar Cane.

Do you know the smell of Moonshine?

Christmas Moonshine Haiti 2009