Chiropractor in Manila Philippines

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Chiropractor in Manila Philippines
A USA citizen is working as a Chiropractor in the Ermita, Malate, Mabini area of Manila. His name is Dr. Heath Motley and I have went to him twice, he is very knowledgeable. He told me to return on Saturday, ooops I went up to Baguio.

He says my hip joint is coming out or wiggling in the joint and pinching the nerves, I agree, now I am working on all possible ways to self adjust this joint and keep it in the proper position. I also am working on exercises to hold the thing in the socket. I am feeling better, however I still have a nodule sitting on my hip joint, it is not on the skin, it is deep inside.

Baguio, Philippines
Southeast Asia
Wednesday, July 15, 2009


This is a bad photo of him, the AC in my room froze my lens and when I took it out of the bag if fogged over. He has obviously spent many hours working out, I think he is about 40.

2000 Peso for the first visit and 1800 afterwards, 2000 Pesos is about 40 US, this is about the same as the USA. This is about 50 percent of the MONTHLY wages of Philippines person, it is quite amazing how expensive Manila can be.

His philosophy is to eat lots of fat, I am sure every fat cigarette smoker man walking down Mabini will enjoy these pages. Now, please do not dismiss him, there is some validity to the arguments and he is in the perfect place to sell this…. (Beware of small hotdogs in the Philippines, they like to give them to you for breakfast.)

This is a map to his office, there is nothing more enjoyable than going to a Chiropractors office, I have yet to ever here one to say stop coming back.

This is the building where his office is located, it is on the 6th floor, if you want some fun, bring a gun so the guard at the door has something to validate his existence. There are guards at many entrances in Manila, looking for bombs and other Islamic crap.

Walk down Mabini towards United Nations Avenue, turn right on UN Ave and look for the LBC sign, the building is to the right, his office is on the six floor and you do not need an appointment.

If I was a Millionaire, I would go to a Chiropractor once or twice a week and get a massage daily. I would not buy an SUV, maybe have my clothes custom made by tailors in the USA.

I have now paid about 80 dollars for two visits, I think his advice and knowledge of bones, muscles and exercise is superb.

Ok, how do I self adjust or how to I put my hip joint in proper alignment myself?

I also need a Chiropractor in Baguio, Philippines.

Chiropractor in Manila Philippines


PC .. Pretty Confused... Hmm Jakarta was just bombed by Buddhist Terrorist...or door number three.


Baguio is a hotspot for Filipino Healers. When in Baguio forget the Bone Cracker and look up a Psychic Healer. They will put on a show, massage you for a few and magically pull a bloody mass from your hip. Take pictures, post on your blog. You might even feel better for a while.

Joel said on Friday July 17th, 2009 01:58:30 AM
bombs and other islamic crap if i ment it id say good luck heading south. Or even with your little map parts of manila. Its your blog. You can say what you want. Though slander is becoming common place for legal action on the web. I have read your blog and can see you have some issues and problems. I think others see this too. I have really little else to say due to this. I wont be following you also due to this. I cant belive too much of what you say. Sometimes good. But then something like this. Makes be see you as something else. Joel

I wonder what Religion of Peace the bombers are followers of ?

How many Unicorns do you own Joel ? Must be Utopia ! Wish I could live in that world. Jelly beans for breakfast and marshmellows for lunch ? ...Hmm and do you share them with all your friendly Muslim friends ? Take turn riding that wacky Unicorn with them ?

I want what Joel is smoking !


Unicorns Chuck. Hmm, I need to solve the ations problem, the php strips them.

Well spoken Chuck, I made a joke, readers get excited. I am worried, the USA culture is known for being frank and direct.

If I am sarcastic, arrogant, stupid or genious, then this is my right.

It is intriguing to read comments, I say what is probably an arrogant comment. Then a reader tells me I am arrogant, and say an even greater arrogant comment. As if there is a competition to see who is best. I am a premeditated writer, readers often react to my manipulation of words and lose the plot.

My advice Joel is to stop reading and go do something where you do not get angry.


Great point Blossum, sorry about the bad photo, here in the Philippines to find a man in great shape like the Chiropractor is difficult. I admit it, I like to take photos of women and truly am lazy towards men. I was in Brazil and realized this and took a couple of photos.There is one here for you.