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Chili at VFW Post 9892, Bauang, La Union Philippines

Chili at VFW Post 9892, Bauang, La Union Philippines
The VFW, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post here in Bauang, Philippines has great Chili con Carne. I have relocated my Chile desires from the 50’s Diner in Baguio, my new Chili seat is now located at the Colonel B.J. Smith VFW Post 9892 restaurant.
VFW Post 9892

By the way, I think the only good reason to come to Bauang is the VFW Post 9892, maybe there is a nice beach somewhere I have yet to find it. I think this VFW Post serves all the Vets from Baguio and the Lorma Tri-Care Hospital system in San Fernando, La Union is better than Baguio.

Maybe I am supposed to call it Post 9892, a person should be careful when talking about men who used to carry guns, I am not sure political correctness is correct, but proper respect needs to be given.

By the way Veterans,
“Thanks for getting shot at in my stead.”

Anybody for any reason who gets shot at for me deserves my respect, appreciation and salute.

Thank You,
You are appreciated by Andy Graham

Bauang - Paringao - San Fernando, Philippines
La Union Province
Southeast Asia
Friday, August 21, 2009


As best I can understand, the have a Chili Cook Off, a contest held yearly to prove who can make the best Chili con Carne. I think this year, 2009 it will be the 18 annual event, here is a PDF file to download link from the 2008 invitation.
Bauang, Philippines Chile Cook off

This is the large portion of chili, this is really a large bowl, the cost is 140 for the large and 115 Pesos for the small. I recommend you get the small, the I think the bowl is larger, I am not sure the portion is larger.

The million-dollar question is this, is this the winning recipe?

Is this the 17th annual hellfire Chile Cook Off recipe?

The girls behind the counter are not too talkative, this is club, anyway you do it, and the VFW Post here in Bauang is a club. I need to do the right things, behave the right way, and eventually I become a fixture on the barstool. The bar stools are American grade, I mean they are comfortable, nice and enjoyable, they will accommodate extra large size Americans. The place is open from 7:00 am until 6:00 and to answer my friends Chet’s question.

Beer is 30 Pesos at Happy Hour, and I do not know the other prices, I think this is about 65 cents US for a beer.

This is the Colonel B.J. Smith VFW Post 9892 building.

I think it is in Paringao, Philippines.

It is half the distance between the city of Bauang and the city of San Fernando, La Union province. You can say the bus you want get off at the Ariana Hotel and look for a squatty building, the sign is confusing. I think VETS get a discount at the Bali Hai East and pay 750 Pesos, which for the Philippines is reasonable, the normal price of 1150 is a little too much, I am not paying that, I got a discount.

Bali Hai East in my opinion is twice as good of hotel from the Bali Hai Main, that Hotel is too crowded and smells of the ocean, there is not a pretty beach over there. I think for you truly want to get-it-types, they can stay at the Ocean Breeze and hang at the Butterfly bar, this is for the true aficionados. I think Footlights is the place for your seat at the bar.

JD from Baguio kept talking about the Cinnamon Roll women, some old lady who is nice and the VFW men support by buying them. This thing cost me 35 Pesos, about 50 cents USA and was delicious; you can buy a softer version in many bread shops. This is welcome after Thailand which does not have bread, I think Bread is s French or Brit thing, too bad for Thailand it was not colonized. Pay attention to your Colonization and you will know your foods.

I do not come to the Philippines to visit the Philippines; I come to the Philippines to visit Americana away from America. There are four VFW Post, Angeles City, Subic, Bauang and in a way the Red Lion in Baguio to visit.

I do not need to pay taxes in the USA providing I am not in the country for more than 30 days. I can earn up to 88,000 or something like that and not pay taxes. Therefore, as a perpetual traveler of planet earth I need to wander over to the Philippines to get remember I am American, “American culture” … without the girls…
(The Philippines is maybe Hell on earth for an American girl and Heaven on Earth for the American bad boys.)

Contrary to any noise or crap, you want to put forth, Expats, European, Australians, Brits, Germans and Americans living overseas do not want to live in another country. They want to live in their own country, an island of their own country within another country. They are not here to immerse themselves in local culture and for the most part they divorce themselves from locals. They just want the best slice of pie from the Philippines. I am the same, I just want the best piece, I do not want to be Filipino.

Actually, I think when Pool Players die, they come to the Philippines, and this has to be Pool Player Heaven.

Chili at VFW Post 9892, Bauang, La Union Philippines


There is little empathy for other people on the planet. The saying,
"Walk a mile in another persons shoes."

This is the ideal, however just is noise, people do not even try.

Comments on this Travel Journal are incredibly revealing of how people empathize with the world.



Hoz, I think you are a Filipino American. This means you are NOT a White person, your ability to enjoy the Philippines is 80 percent different than mine. Generally I believe you want to avoid looking or admitting the true essence of your culture.

I understand the desire to say you are American, but this is politically correct, my family has been in the USA for 250 years, I do not relate to any other culture than the USA one. You relate, understand and know the Philippines culture, you are half Filipino and this is good, not bad.

You come here to see the good right of the top.

I do this too, but have a huge problem know how to avoid the crap.

When you read about some annoyance, I was not able to avoid it.

It is highly possible I have been to more places in the Philippine than you, I just do not list them all our.
Palawan, Cebu, Mindanao, Pagudpud, Subic, Vigan. Quezon, San Fernando, La Union and many cities around all these location.

I am positive I have been to more places than the other whites I know or meet. They do not have any desire to visit the country as does the majority of the tourist on the planet. If a person made a list of five places they wanted to visit on planet earth, only 1 in a 1000 would write down the Philippines. This is quite obvious, there are almost zero tourist in this country.

Funny part, it should be on their list, but truly the tourist industry here in the Philippines is one of the stupidest on the planet.



Hoz, please try to empathize with three main writing themes, this is a BUSINESS, I am in the Business of Travel Internet pages

I have to admit I am one of the top travelers on the planet, I am one of the voices of the Backpacker, not the tourist. What I say sometime is taking literal and can get people in trouble.

I have a Hobo theme, this is a ragged, devil be cared, do not care person.

I am a writer.

I would be negligent to deny I am classified as these things, whether true or untrue in the political correct mindless view of readers, I am defined as this.


You keep trying to promote the good part of the Philippines.

I am also trying to do this, but I am telling the audience, you will have to walk through some crap to get there, and it is worth it.

99 percent of Backpacker avoid the Philippines and I advise them to do so, this place is triple the price of normal BACKPACK countries. I am more a Backpacker than a Tourist, I go for years, you Hoz come and visit, you are not going to pay 1000's of fat earned dollars for a normal trip, you are want the best piece of pie.


Funny shit, truly hilarious, if there is one thing I have proven more than any human on planet earth, I can handle the crap that other cultures deal out. I have been moving perpetually for over 11 years, almost 12 and have no desire to stop. I do not station in one country, I move at least every 2 months to another city, I am one of the only people on the planet that has not given up.

I have people tell me to give up, I think this is too stupid for words, this is who I am, I cannot give up, this is me.

Sadly, you are trying to induce me to be a typical Travel Writer who paints a load of crap and cliches on a canvas, says the world is nice, poor people are good people who did not get a chance and all the other assine noise. I cannot stand to read Travel Writers or Bloggers, they have a genetic propensity to lie.

The Philippines is a rare and beautiful flower wrapped in a bulletproof covering of pig crap. Sadly the only tourist friendly place in this country is Angeles City.

If you accept this country is encased in corruption, babies, crap, Filipino people who act incredibly stupid and say incredibly stupid things, this is an. Then you are ready to come and enjoy the place.

They have killed 100 Journalist here, this is a statement of how you think Hoz, the Philippines people are good, but they also want to hide behind excuses.

I love the happy girls here, the cleaning lady said hello sir. I do not get this in most countries, I just get ignored.

The Prime Directive of travel is to enjoy ourselves, there is no righteous path by enjoying the culture or tourist destinations, this is following another persons dream.



Culturally the Philippines is similar to Africa, they are all waiting for another country to come and fix them. The world no longer goes to other countries and try to take over, they allow countries to do as they wish.

All is rather hopeless until the Philippines people stop having babies, even africa has a handle on this and are living in better conditions than the Philippines.

They are happy, and this is great.

In a primitive culture, when a hotel is not making money, they raise the cost of a room. They do not become more competitive. The Philippine continues to want to be the same as the USA, and it is truly a poor Asian country with a lot of enclaves of Rich Filipinos and Trailer Trash Rich Americans and Aussies.

Agriculture is one of the few things they do good.

The goal of the people is not to improve, the goal is to leave.


You are not waiting, you are leaving, and I should not need to be enlightend to find this better side.
There is the Sin of False Pride rampant.