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Chicago Hostel in Lincoln Park

Chicago Hostel
I am in the Arlington House Hostel in Lincoln Park area of Chicago.

The reception is playing Hip Hop
The boy in my room came in at 3:00 am, turned on the light to get into bed.
There is a big guy laying on the couch in the TV room where the sign says we are not suppose to sleep, I guess I cannot watch TV, although amazingly the three remotes are all broken.

There is a deaf girl, I think she is drunk, was having a fight with her deaf boyfriend, however when I walked into the kitchen the water on the stove was whistling like mad. The water was almost dry, she could not hear it. I have hot water for instant coffee.

Internet is free, the computer the place has is a window 98 model, I have not seen this for one year, only in this Hostel, it is the oldest set-up around. Luckily they have a Ethernet cable I can connect my computer to and bypass the crap.

I sometimes think I am intolerant, an intolerant person would not be here.


I have discovered my new cell phone toy will not work inside a concrete building like this, I am in the building and it just has no signal. On the other hand the T-Mobile Pre-paid card I have does not probably have the best coverage for the USA. I am happy because in reality all I wanted to do was make calls easier. My friend called me last night, he left a voice message, I guess it still retrieves them last night around 10:00 pm.

Therefore I can call him at 8:00 am, and talk with him, presently he is in Florida, and I think will fly to California today, nonetheless I can try at about 7:30 this morning and if I do not get him I hope to try again in the plane stopover for me in Florida.

Everybody things I am making life difficult, however it is impossible nowadays to make a telephone call from a payphone because they are removing all of them, half do not work and I have to time it perfect to call people, because they are so controlling they only answer the telephone under perfect conditions. Since they do not know my telephone numbers they cannot caller id me and pick up. Time is the second matter, I need to call him at 7:30 in the morning before he gets on the plane.

Bottom line on phones is this.

Buy a QUAD BAND UNLOCKED PHONE - No contract, unless you are rich.