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Chicago Hostel a Proper Hostel Stove Fridge

Chicago Hostel Photo

This is the Arlington House Hostel; it is a proper Hostel, with a Kitchen for guest to use, fridge, stove, etc, and common area that has television with cable. There is free internet and the Hostel is in a pleasant neighborhood. The cost is 26 dollars per night, it maybe be cheaper if you book over the website. I have notice that the prices and the reservations systems are different. They have a website:

The place is ok; I suppose you need a reservation to be safe, however during the week you can probably pop in as you wish. There are not age restrictions or Mickey Mouse rules. I do think you need to be from outside of the area to stay here. The owner is knowledgeable however, most of the staff is just so so and really do not know much about the area.

The big bonus of this place is there is a beach close and a good grocery right down the street. I can live here for less than 30 dollars per day. I think the trip to the O’Hare Airport will take me an hour. I probably will take a 5-10 dollars Taxi to the L or Metro - Subway stop that goes to the airport, and then take the 1.50-dollar train to O’Hare Airport. I have not figured it out yet, however I think it will take me maybe 1.5 hours to get to the airport minimum.

There is parking on the street and I think in the hostel so you can drive here easily. I am thinking of buying a Caravan or Motor Home next May or 2006 and touring the USA, I could stop here and load up with travelers for company across the country. Couples of Irish girls were very excited about this idea and wanted me to tell them when I was going next year. The big problem with this is being very discriminating in who goes in the Motor Home trip as one negative or selfish person can make the days difficult.

Hmmm… there are zero dread heads in the Hostel, this is very different. I would say at least 30-50 percent of the travelers in South America or Agents have multiple Tattoos and Dreads. This is a dramatic change in Traveler Culture here, I really do not care how they look, dress, however I always pay close attention to their biases. One wrong traveler conversation can ruin the tone of the day, better to avoid the wanker travelers of the world and enjoy my life.

Front of the Arlington House Hostel in Chicago, Illinois.

This is a limo coming to the front, some Asian type guy got out and checked into the Hostel. Almost none of the travelers have backpack, they all have the two wheel cart bags and are definitely living good on mama's money.